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  1. A happy ending for the bird. I'd say if one made it . Others could easily have made landfall . And be living their lives with wild pigeons . I mind a few years ago someone in peterhead got a Norwegian bird in .
  2. Where in the Orkney islands were they liberated?
  3. A happy ending . Great stuff
  4. We're the birds liberated?
  5. Fact nrcc liberated in Fraserburgh two weeks ago dozen or so remained at lib site . A local fancier caught 5 of them in a basket with food. And sent them to Darlington to be released closer to home. There are about 5 or 6 pecking around with snipers still there two weeks past .When I was a kid the old buildings that were damaged or derelict . We used to catch stray racers in all the houses trying to settle them was near impossible. As a result same ones were caught time after time .
  6. Often wondered about lost birds. From what I've experienced I have had only 3 birds 'return after a significant period has elapsed after the race they were lost from .My thinking is many will go with the snipes they take them to the food source grain stores in the outskirts of most towns Waters not a problem. And they totally forget about routine and baskets every week . I firmly say I might possibly have a pigeon or 10 that are living their lives quite happily under a railway bridge . Somewhere in the UK .
  7. Best of luck to you both.Looks like southerly air flow both on Friday and Saturday.Helping hand makes all the difference.
  8. Darlington 3 out of 6 .
  9. What's everyone thinking about this weekend's racing ? Ex storm Alex going to be strong west or south west over the weekend .
  10. 5 from 6 sent .Was word the losses were not good .
  11. Can't fault the shipping forecast for 24 and 48hrs . Especially useful when racing up the east coast.
  12. I find removing all nest box's yearly and you will probably find all the casings that have hatched on back wall . Pin moth balls in behind in net bags . Also fly tape sometimes works . They really are a pest to have in the loft !!
  13. They are hungry most of the time . Up here kids from high school have chip suppers at dinner time and through most of the chips at them . However in holidays no chips . They will eat anything going . Young black birds starlings I've seen them take away . Wouldn't surprise me in least. Hungry gulls will swallow a whole fish a baby falcon would just be starter for them.
  14. I thought so . Thanks for the quick reply john . Will be using them this year .
  15. Question are the rings with lugs and chip rings .Are they already registered to ring or do they have to be assigned?
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