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  1. 9 out 14 well scattered between arrivals
  2. I brought this bird up from dundee to peterhead as it had flown into william donachie aviary if owner can contact me to either liberate peterhead or they want to collect mealy hen
  3. Lost cheq pied hen pt9215619-19 portugal hen with yellow 2019 ring and green ets ring on peterhead
  4. Lost blue pied stock hen
  5. good luck to all i sent 21 first time sending to snfc young bird race and first time sending to a young bird national in 23 years a jump of 240 miles for most of them so fingers crossed the hard work helps them home
  6. north of scotland fed at auchendinny returns very good
  7. SU21NE967 1st club 1st fed strathkinnes 1451 pigeons natural youngster
  8. cheq hen gb21 p21092 1st club 1st fed brechin 1567 pigeons strathkinnes 5th club 5th fed 1461 pigeons sedgefield 1st club 102 pigeons
  9. yes new to the site but now totally lost on how to find things was just getting used to the site now it looks impossible to navigate at the minute
  10. at least your getting a race a lot of feds are scared of liberating even if a cloud is grey and yet having bad races even when the sun is out the problem with today’s racing is the internet back in day the birds went and if there was a break they was liberated if not was held over
  11. best of luck hope you managed a good race today
  12. any day of the week suits me as long as they have a clear start the pigeons will get through either south east or east south east winds forecast so won’t need long to get going online for home
  13. i think a lot of it is knowing your birds to be able to spot if there’s a problem in the loft to be able to jusge by looking at them how far a training toss they need on that day i’m just back after. 23 year gap from racing and have noticed how soft people have got with them if there’s a slight cloud they won’t race or train ive had a few bad tosses training young birds taking them hours but i work them very hard and rain doesn’t stop my training abs since training and racing have lost 9 out of 51 stop wrapping them in cotton wool they might surprise you and i’ve had family’s of peregrines hit them three times when training so explains a couple of losses
  14. being a keeper of pigeons and birds of prey you would be on a wing and a prayer to find a gap birds of prey will kill more in the winter if they had chance as they would need more to survive the cold they go on a killing spree just before breeding to fatten themselves up to breeding condition then the female sparrow hawk doesn’t kill while sitting eggs and the male will nit take pigeons only blackbirds ect but young peregrines that do not breed in there first year have become expert killers and will kill all year around the months the parents kill the most is late july august trying to keep up with feeding there nest and then start teaching there youngsters which will them become hunters themselves and continue to survive by killing every couple of days there is around 1500 breeding pairs in the uk each pair at least turning out two chicks each i think the only way forward to stand any chance of limiting there numbers would be to allow the legal take of youngsters out the nest and stop putting up un natural nest in cities.a lot of countries would take a good few youngsters every year as there as been a shortage of birds bred in captivity with most being flown out to the middle east i do not think they will ever allow a cull but legal take might be a better option to start at least reducing numbers
  15. 35 out 37 was too fit when they returned with wind too strong up there behind could go back to a race today
  16. if they never face the strong winds you will never know
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