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  1. Best of luck everyone think the north pigeons will have the weather against them later as well as the darkness fingers crossed for something
  2. Rip queen elizabeth the 11 x
  3. Doubt the numbers will be very high with the weather and east wind on Saturday
  4. My two teams on there way over dropped them in leeds yesterday on the start of there travels
  5. Two very fast pigeons i thought it had just been a mistake on the sheet at first 😭
  6. So them two pigeons flying nearly 400ypm faster than any other pigeon flying into scotland yesterday
  7. Is that a mistake on the velocity 1790 with no wind well done all
  8. I was quite lucky sent 35 and got 36 the one i dropped at the race week before come with the others hope you get them back
  9. Wasn’t this a book wrote by julie Romani from Bradford flight of fancy
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