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  1. Wasn’t this a book wrote by julie Romani from Bradford flight of fancy
  2. What a way to break your novice status well done and well done to all timers a brilliant race and a brilliant old bird season
  3. Brilliant two pigeons into arbroath
  4. Hi thanks that’s one of mine or my sons
  5. There will be falcons on all the coastline
  6. It’s my grandsons that blue pied hen it’s ringed on wrong leg on her last couple flights moulting it’s eggs have just hatched been missing since wed night
  7. My son as lost half his team in peterhead too with some grizzles 22v rings and su22 ne rings
  8. Where are the ones reported on Facebook
  9. 9 out 14 well scattered between arrivals
  10. I brought this bird up from dundee to peterhead as it had flown into william donachie aviary if owner can contact me to either liberate peterhead or they want to collect mealy hen
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