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  1. i own and hunt a male harris hawk.and he will never hunt or catch any racing pigeons if you have time for both then thats good but what happens when the hunting season starts.are you going to time your pigeons then go out and hunt your hawk.better going out early with your hawk.and get someone else to time your birds unless you use ets.to do both you must have plenty spare time on your hands
  2. Rocketing down to catch its prey, no other creature on earth can move as fast as the peregrine falcon. A peregrine stooping is not really flying; it’s coming out of the sky like 1 kg feathered rock. These falcons get higher than most before they dive, so they reach higher speeds. Presumably they need the altitude and resulting speed because their prey itself is so fast. Pigeons for example, a staple peregrine food, can have a cruising speed of 50 km/h and bursts of about 100 km/h which is the top speed for a cheetah. the Peregrine Falcon strikes its prey with a clenched foot, stunning or killing it, then turns to catch it in mid-air. The Peregrine will drop it to the ground and eat it there if it is too heavy to carry. Prey is plucked before consumption.
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    interesting fact: over fifty million songbirds are killed and eaten every year in the UK. Why is this not making the news? The mass murderers in the UK are pet cats
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    no there gone thanks
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    nae there just hienz 54's like the ones you gave me
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    there still here for someone
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