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  1. Am interested will there be pool and prizes
  2. Lol up in front of the shu for fraud
  3. herd your meeting went well tonight
  4. a pool race is a open race in any Fed not just lankrkshire
  5. Sounds like it's not a open race for some
  6. Is there any birds for sale
  7. His Fed is riddled but no with illness
  8. That's why your the X controller need to get the right story 1st big man
  9. Bill hope that 91 makes it home
  10. There going to give the NHS some money aswell
  11. Big hotrod was the best Glasgow has ever had
  12. Denny is in the north west and the rest went to lankrkshire
  13. There is no midland Fed soit's only s ring list am no getting into a argument with you just look around you you will see wit I mean
  14. Thank *expletive removed* all my birds are blues
  15. You go on the top table and make it better and there is no midland Fed
  16. Central Scotland 3 bird club btw there is no midland any more
  17. No but can go on the best day for the doos the bully boy has made a count of your Fed all season
  18. See the rest of the feds are away that raced on Monday looks like lankrkshire thinks there better than everyone else
  19. Big Tommys the man to much doos in the sky lol
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