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  1. Very well done Bert another fine win. Well done to all other timers.
  2. Very well done Callum & Liz 1st & 2nd Fed + other top positions. Scott McArdle you forgot your own position ( Modesty ).
  3. Thanks Greig. Putting up velocities allows viewers to compare them with other clubs in the Fed.
  4. What were the velocities Gregg ? Very well done by the winner. Well done to all other timers.
  5. Very well done Graham Bros. Well done to all other timers.
  6. Very well done Callum & Liz 2 Crackers. Well done to all other timers.
  7. 1st,2nd & 3rd Very well done Bert.
  8. This was on the end of March. Nothing to do with racing pigeons. 60 minutes wasted if you watch this programme.
  9. George IV


    I think you will win the Lowest Winning Velocity Trophy with that one.
  10. George IV


    fairways, In post 6 how long did the pigeon who toured the borders take to arrive home. It looks like it didn't get far away from the liberation point for a while. Like the idea of being able to track the pigeons.
  11. George IV


    Eye Opening. Makes you think.
  12. Thanks Guys Birthday Wishes to dava and Kevin. Thanks Glenn.
  13. These pigeons are in my pals loft. He is not on Basics but asked me to post them to try and repatriate them. Thank you.
  14. Scott Don't know if Ian has a book but on the ringlist they are all Bonnybridge.
  15. 3 strays in last night. SU 20 AV 1164 SU 20 AV 1908 SU 20 AV 1927
  16. Wullie Huntigowk It's been many a long year since I last saw or heard that.
  17. Happy birthday John Happy birthday Greig Best Wishes
  18. Could only spend an hour at the show on Saturday morning. We were going out in Glasgow on Saturday night so couldn't hang about too long. I thought somebody would have reported or commented on the show by now. Who were all the winners? Did all the stall owners sell lots of stuff? They looked busy when I was there? The medical research team were very busy too. Congratulations to all the winners on the day. Thanks.
  19. Happy Birthday Scott. Happy Birthday from Davie & Ian too. Happy Birthday Scott. Happy Birthday from Davie & Ian too.
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