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  1. Guys when will we all wake up its pure and utterly suicidal that we race pigeons at the end of June July August ..for obvious reasons I stated 10 year ago and here we are still taking about the herendous losses ......and the sad thing is unless we change the way we race young birds it will happen in 2022 .same old topic
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    Its been nice up here since 12 now very 🌞
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    I just wondered as I couldn't find thornton on the lib site Good luck for your race
  4. kapri 07


    Is this race instead of St Boswells?
  5. kapri 07


    How many birds are we taking about getting liberated
  6. kapri 07

    Mid Week

    Hi is their any mid week racing from Dunbar today
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    5G &ets

    I just was curious Andy as if the ETS ring plus the 5g network could cause interference when birds are passing the 5g stations
  8. kapri 07

    5G &ets

    Has it crossed anyone's mind that ETS RINGS & 5g could cause interference en route home it would be interesting to find out the young birds that don't struggle to get home just have the plain old gutty to the young birds that have the ETS ring on ........
  9. so we sit and do nothing about it even without trying ..if that's the case young bird racing is finished. That I can guarantee.
  10. Well that says it all 503 views not even a dozen replies on the situation reqarding young bird racing and losses ..so my guess is we just carry on regardless until this time next season then fanciers are all moaning about falcon/hawks imo it's the pigeon fanciers fault not bop ....reason I feel so strong about this is I personally witnessed a peregrines and it young pick of my young birds as if they were we dots in the sky
  11. in all honesty I do not no but maybe the shu or rpra and fed committee can draw up a suggestion that we can try at the very least ....I may not be the best dooman on the forum bit I've got plenty common sence when it comes to nature ..we all blame peregrines but its not ther fault as they are doing what every other animal bird etc do in the wild and that is teach there babies to hunt and fend for themselves so if we changed the months we raced young birds there's a chance we would get less attacks as they aren't teaching.
  12. Hi as we all no by now or should no that the falcons and hawks are teaching their own young to kill in the months we train/race our young birds does anyone think by moving the months we race young birds will help us with less attacks
  13. What was your weather like this morning
  14. Su20 F 1818 been Hanging around all day.
  15. Strange question for a pigeon forum but does anyone on here do high pressure washer blasting for stubborn masonry paint on a house wall
  16. I asked the same question a few weeks back as the glencourse centre you can't get in
  17. Nice one ...the more people that help in anyway the better the sport will become. ðŸ‘ðŸ‘
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