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  1. m8 thats because every one has had somesort of illness
  2. george you will get them at blantyre club hut if they still have them good beans m8
  3. they will do the job just now put a full newspaper spread out flat on the floor of each box then just remove top page as it gets dirty take out any staples first put a bowl in and they will do the rest good luck
  4. my daughter got mine off amazon its called airdow personal mini air purifier says emits a high level of negative ions and is able to minimize the toxic particles in smoke dust pollen mould germs as well many allergens
  5. feks sake did not know thats what there called got one last year yes very good in loft and in car with doos in mines is one you wear round your neck 25 quid well spent everyone should have one sorry willey
  6. and well done sapper helping the man good pals are hard to find
  7. andy put small contact window alarms on all your doors cheap to buy easy to fit works with one aaa battery very loud
  8. correct one eyed cold is respitory antibiotics in drinker as well as on the eye will cure it or down the throat of the bird if you dont want to dose them all
  9. john i found its the aureomycin that causes the colour change may be burning the eye found a pinch down the throat works all so putting it in drinker but takes a day or to this way
  10. likewise have had a fewthat do this
  11. hope your ok m8 know how it feels sore thing lots of rest and a rub down wae big blonde helps
  12. hear hear i think he thought he was speaking to the kids about his passion
  13. no thanks m8 john king and hugh martin taking me two gents thanks for offer see you there but
  14. a lot easyer than raceing against them if your in the west and i did not say he was a joke read the post
  15. fair to who m8 not me or plenty others on here
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