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  1. not into shows but very well done scott
  2. after ma run the night ma nee swelt up like a mellon ive just drew half a pint of fluid off it way ma big sringe bloody sore but atleast a can bendit now
  3. whats a body or two between friends bill if your off on the 8th feb let me know ill pone cammy and get you a ticket its all men and a good night
  4. great fanciars with great pigeons and ill bet they were not feeding the fancy crap wee are giveing our birds today be veryinteresting to know what they were feeding then
  5. mines are neaver in hawks here every day so birds very alert and on there toes keeps them street wise if its the pergrin they hit the roof sparrow hawk they hit the hevens
  6. different accounts george ive played this game before lol see at fed presention if you make it m8
  7. high time snfc had a chip and pin at marking stations for pools would be much easyer what do you think guys
  8. high time snfc had a chip and pin at marking stations for pools would be much easyer what do you think guys
  9. just saying what i think billy when i master this thing ill wright a book need to brush up on my spelling but lol
  10. what ever your feeding when you win george thats what we all think m8
  11. thats because they have nice line to follow all the way home its called the coast they cannae go wrong lol
  12. shame think everyclub should be breeding young stock birds unrung and take them to where they train from before the racing starts lots talk about it but do nothing it will help solve our problem if we fill the sky with them lets all breed a pair or two for this good cause or are wee just gonae keep greetin about it and do nothing spread the word up and down the country what do you think guys caution
  13. dont know the people but very well done
  14. i did not know about this coment i was talking about when i first heard it a few years ago and as long as the public thinks that way we will neaver win them over
  15. the flying rat coment was made about 4 or 5 years ago on tv by guys who were making money from dist councils catching strays to help there cause that was the first time i ever herd it when i went to work next day everyone was talking about the program
  16. i think all pigeon feed is a load of bull doo men are falling in to the fashion pitt of if its got a name it must be better like nike or aadidas trainers can cost 200 quid you can get a pair in liddles for 12 quid that are every bit as good the ones with a name wont make you run any faster same with the feeding if you dont have good pigeons does not matter what you feed them your being conned bye big name feed merchants up to 350 miles a good pigeon will win on any good clean corn ive good wins feeding 50 per barley another year had greatresults with 50 per wheat and again with 50 percent chicken pellets the other 50 made up of the cheepest mix ican find we are all guilty of it if it cost more it must be better wrong good pigeons well trained clean dry corn add to it for the distance if you feel the need doo men are far to gulable to the sales pitch of feed merchants at the end of the day its still only corn and as for the so called champions that say they feed this or that for a back hander if hovis give me a wee backhander ill say i fed them bread all year
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