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  1. im hopeing its going to chaplehall to stay my wee grandaughter to see if i can get out of me telling her id buy her a ponny lol
  2. im hopeing its going to chaplehall to stay my wee grandaughter to see if i can get out of me telling her id buy her a ponny lol
  3. why not jamie when a was aboy i swaped adoo for a young tawney owl kept it in a bugie cage had to pull the floor out to get it in ma old lady was scared tae let me out i allways brought something home lol
  4. has been known bill andy what do they eat its eating ma conditioner ill try it with wheat barley
  5. if this gets past the guys over here will not poole in the regeon unbelivable this comes from a president of snfc when it has thrown out at aprevious meeting
  6. i all so put them in drinker 3 tabs for a 3 pint 5 for a 5 pint iput them a jug with boiling water stir till they melt dont get canker so it must work to alf where did you get them in turkey daughter could not get for me there thanks
  7. woman two doors down from me just came to me asking for help she said the magpies are trying to kill a bird thinking it might mine i go to have alook as my birds were out today could not beleve my eyes its a quail must have must have done a runner from somewhere i dont think they can fly got it in a box just now no one local keeps them wee grandaughter will love it if its not claimed i think they make good pets
  8. thanks ill try again him and i were taking during the week and he told me i won west combined ave then put all the other winners up except me thats what iwas hinting at jamie thought he was taking pee johns a good guy think he just forgot me but to me its not off untill its in blk andwhite know what i mean jamie
  9. jamie you obviously have not read my previous posts i neaver knock the workersm8 not my stile this is the only way i can talk ma pal john quinn because i dont have his phone no and am no to good on this dam thing or i would pm him i have nothing but praise for the guys thats been left to sort out the mess if you read my posts you will see that m8
  10. thats far enough alan i dont think yb even need raced if there well trained
  11. how far did they go alan the clashing starts at 120 mile all the way to the coast its even worst now much more english feds up here
  12. it might be best for some but it aint best for the doos novo its called consideration, mate ask any fancier in the lanarkshire this was not done to win races, and for by the wee macs have proved that. they win no mater the side they fly yes true but not as often
  13. well done tam and martin still to see west sect winners name in black white only hear say so far
  14. youre right bill i have 60 ob 20 late breds i think i will need them but still got eleven firsts among them but that means nothing
  15. if you start training your yb from the east they will break from the east all there life so if you live in the west your beat before you start fact
  16. bill a cat detector should allways be faceing the loft so it is going off when youre birds are flying up and down and breaking the beam the chance of one cat breaking the beam all the time it comes in youre garden is no good and it only makes anoise for a few seconds where with the birds taking off and landing all the time the noise is consistant and the cats stayaway leave it on 24 7 mines has not been switcht off for ten years cats dont come near when my birds are out got mine from body ridewood
  17. yer da must have tellt ye about it del youre to young tae mind that ha ha
  18. walterboswell59


    i a know ma stuff lol good luck
  19. andy put the pair in the young bird section if its empty put a board against the wall for them to nest behind next pair should be full older cocks get bullied and dont tread the hen enough i have 15 16 17 year old cocks neaver missed an egg because they have there own small sections
  20. i fed lots of barley years ago i was getting it for nowt off am8 the birds were never to heavy and in good nick but got very dry in the feather so now i put a little codliver oil on it worked fine
  21. john who wins the roger trophy and wit happend to the east and west special trophies for combine average winners have you fell out way us m8
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