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  1. Quick question, what’s the best accommodation for widowhood hens at this time of year? They’ve been currently kept in a loft with access to an aviary at the weekends, due to be paired within the next few weeks so are quite proud and flirty but in order to get a few tweaks done to the loft they use, options are to leave them in the aviary 24/7 on poles? Or put them in the YB section where there’s box perches? Every reply will be much my appreciated 😊
  2. Very random question here but seen a dvd a while ago and the flyer in question made a cake of some form to give to the birds when going to the Chanel just can’t think who it was or what it was made from.. anyone got any more info on this? Atb Andy
  3. Does anyone race Kirkpatrick birds? With success? Thinking of getting a few young birds in just wanted opinions
  4. I have no issue reporting birds and helpIng out best I can where I can it's people like this what make people not want to bother reporting,all ours are stamped with our telephone numbers, where we are and a telephone number on the leg we live to know where they ended up wouldn't dream of having this attitude
  5. This year I've reported a few birds no one gives a Damn about them, had a yb drop tonight rung the telephone the lady asked me to chuck it up didn't ask where it was or nothing.. explained that it was in no fit state to fly home (about 25 - 30miles) she said she'd get her husband to call me which he did, asked me the same thing so I told him that it was really flown down and needed a few days, he asked me to despose of it.. is that really the attitude we should be having?
  6. Hi all.. Just a few questions as to racing natural as I am clueless about it as i race widowhood. What to feed? How much to feed? When to have them on eggs/young? How often to train? Anything that could help me would be really appreciated, or if anyone could recommend a DVD? ATB Andy
  7. Hmm was hoping for some input from one of these longuyen distance fliers a maybe step by step guide xD
  8. So guys any input here would really help me, i struggle at the channel racers id like a method to compete 300 to 500 miles ie feeding water supliments widowhood or natural? hen or clocks? How long are they prepared for? And more advice please!!
  9. Our birds are on the way to falaise . i oonly sent 3 after last weeks disaster !! best of luck everyone
  10. Update on my losses its now 0 got my missing cock back this morning . So started training with 34 and still got 34
  11. With two races down for me last week I sent 32 cocks to 74miles got 32 home and finished 1st 2nd and 3rd club This week I sent 34 to 102 miles and finished 1st 3rd and 4th with 33 outa 34. How is your season going???
  12. andyyy


    Having them in isn't a problem for me, I'm not bothered about a bit of seed,and water it's the lack of interest by there owners, and name and address ring is about 30 quid for 100, it's not hard isit? Also the ones what are stamped you get the same old #### day in day out, oh chuck it me up it'll come home, or its out of my best cock who's won this that and other do you want it? I think fanciers need to take more responsibility for there own birds, it makes reporting birds a hard task, my birds all have my ring on, with my telephone number. When I get one reported i wouldn't dream of saying the stuff some people do,
  13. andyyy


    Didn't know that kevin, I think that's ridiculous, makes it hard for the people who bother to report strays
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