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  1. The latest lib line update only had about 25 birds total.
  2. Already said it this morning but this bird must have worked almost as hard as it's owner does for Club, Federation and SNRPC. Well done to Mr and Mrs Mullin.
  3. The bird I heard about this morning was timedby Stuart Mullin in Port Glasgow at 09:25 into a very strong westerly wind. What a performance under the conditions. Well done to one of the hardest working committee men in the sport.
  4. sorry I should have said about 580 to John Proctor
  5. to John Proctor it will be about 540 miles. I have just had a phone call from a friend on the west coast to say he timed at 09:35. His wife timed the bird and he is away training. I will wait for confirmation before saying anything else.
  6. Good morning Jimmy, You have found us at last. It just needed a point in the right direction.
  7. Hi Bernie, you won't find a lot of action at this time of night.
  8. I think the committee of the organising body pick the feed. It should be published so members know what their birds are going to be fed. I think the organisation I am a member of feeds Versa Laga--Best all round. Not my choice but I seem stuck with it.
  9. I think, watching the weather, this was always going to happen. At least we know they will be well cared for till tomorrow.
  10. If the weather is good Friday morning earlt is the plan but it's all down to weather now.
  11. I agree with doing this to inform people and I will certainly travel miles to be there but the point at the moment is what are the relevant authorities doing to bring this to a conclusion. It seems that the "I quit" statment has stopped an investigation. This cannot be allowed to happen.
  12. Living as I do in a backwater of pigeon racing I am not totally sure what is happening either but----- Surely any evidence of cheating should have been given to the people organising the race to which the allegation refers. They should investigate and act. That action should be either to suspend as appropriate or issue a statment to say there is no case to answer. When this channel is exhausted then the procedure should followed at federation level then SHU. Surely it's that simple. I have no axe to gring whatsoever.
  13. Perhaps the reason for no response is that on one on line at the moment knows the answer to the question.n
  14. A big well done to all especially the tireless workers. The shorter time in transport and the first class transportation facilities offered by the SNRPC can only benefit the welfare of the pigeons. Again WELL DONE.
  15. Looks like westerly wind most of the way on Friday.
  16. His last Club Race was in 1968. I believe his best position was 3rd at 120 miles. He did have a pigeon called Lionheart which homed from Barcelona. This bird was sold to Jim Biss and is in the pedigree of some Biss pigeons. Possibly an ancestor of Natrix. Henry has sold birds on the strength of this ever since.
  17. I agree with these comments and yes I am a bit wet behind the ears but I would still like to understand the subject. I bet more than I feel this way.
  18. As an outsider looking in I think the real facts remain hidden here. It would be good if someone would start from square 1 which is probably about 4 years ago and list all factual information----factual please. This would enable all participants in this forum to understand the discussion. We may then be able to have a structured discussion. I look forward with anticipation to understanding the situation.
  19. Novice


    I wouldn't train at 9 weeks although I know it can be done. The best way to judge is if the birds have been ranging freely for about an hour.
  20. A good decision I think
  21. Great loft. I hope you have many winners to it.
  22. Provided the pigeons (doves have an elevated perch/nest site where they can retreat to and where they can be fed no problem. You, however may wish to build a door to allow the chickens access to fresh grass and dirt. Free range produces really eggs with highly coloured yolks. Be aware that neither chickens nor doves have an infinite lifespan and you need to be prepared for disappointments.
  23. That about sums it up doo although the prominent positions always taken by Glasgow pigeons proves the old Jack Adams tramline theory correct. That is that returning racers follow the motorways as far as they can before breaking for home.
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