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  1. Well i have done. as instructed and put my question regarding our fed accounts through the club secretary ,this was done on Wednesday and it is now Monday and no reply as yet, I wish to know if our accounts have been audited as per the rules,although I have no doubts that they will be in perfect order this rule exists to protect the present officials and any new ones in the future and in my opinion need to be adhered to before we can progress to any vote on new office bearers. I also sent an email on my own behalf directly to the fed email address on the same day and again with so far no response, in it i have asked for clarification on whether our junior vice president is standing for re-election as his name is not on the agenda, i also went on to express the opinion that due to the fact that signed letters from over 40% of the fed members asking for a vote of no confidence in our president was received by the fed secretary on the 16th December and that contrary to SHU rules no response has been given within the statutory 14 days then this vote must take place before any of the much delayed AGM business can take place. A copy of the same no confidence signatures and also a copy of the presidents report and the agenda have also been sent to the SHU secretary and we await their response when they re-open on the 5th of January' Again the request is PLEASE stick to the rules and try to sort out this unbelievable mess
  2. so it seems we have voted to have a postal vote on whether the current management team ( in october) now stand against a team managed by John Thompson , given that the management team now dont exist can ANYONE give me a clue WTF is going on?
  3. Too late now ryan,had to be in by end of october,only if the current people proposed for any post back out,then it becomes available again
  4. Phil regardless whether we have a postal or face to face agm audited accounts need to be passed before any other business can move forward
  5. Lee I assume there is no limit on someone taking top three in a money race
  6. Things will be sorted if rules are adhered to then like you I want to race door atb
  7. That was not what was offered,in fact the letter that accompanied the dud voting slip claimed that no covid compliant venue could be found( i leave that debate to others) but how can you possibly vote for something that can't be delivered ? All of my focus throughout this sorry saga has been on things being done fairly and according to what I believe to be the rules and we are nowhere near where an organization that belongs to ALL of us should be !!
  8. Ryan if you cast your mind back to your voting slip then you will recall that a proper meeting was never up for a vote imo
  9. Hope you are right Ryan but there has so far been a complete lack of clarity about a way forward or when we are going to be given the result imo
  10. Surely closing date must have come and gone by now ?
  11. Can anyone confirm when the closing date for the vote is,that's 14days since I recieved my letter and my vote long since posted. ?
  12. You and mr Abel will have your ww1 ones in the back of a cupboard
  13. Gordon We should all be meeting at banff on Sunday morning to discuss ,debate and vote on all proposals as normal instead of this complete shambles
  14. Robbie I sent a letter asking for confirmation of membership numbers which arrived Wednesday by registered mail so reply should not be too long and I will share when it arrives
  15. Had a chat with our president today and a vote for B is in fact a vote for a race to face Agm,
  16. No Ron the vote is A i want a postal vote of B i do not want a postal vote therefore it B wins ,I will leave you to work it out from there
  17. Can anybody tell me what the plan is if the majority votes B no I do not want a postal vote ?
  18. I presume now that the team proposal is now dead in the water and any votes will be cast based on individual nominees for the positions that have them and then up to winning President to find vice presidents.Just as the constitution decreed from the beginning
  19. Lee firstly an existing member needs to find out how many paid up members we have !! Wonder what would happen if a member asked ?guess what I did about a fortnight ago and still waiting
  20. Gordon,at our last AGM even although there were four or five programmes on the agenda we were informed that the only programme to be voted on was the race committee one ,I am a committee member and if any other member knew that this was to be the case I wish they could have told me !! Somehow from somewhere and without it ever being voted for, the committee gained more power than even our council has had in my 40 years on it,in fact for the first time ever we did not even vote against the status quo. We have had race prevention,moving onto meeting prevention,never send emails with questions they don't get answered,don't phone and ask questions before you post your vote cos you get refused an answer and lastly don't ever change your email address if your not in the gang!!!out with the covid affected and very difficult old bird season last year we have missed 6/43 races,almost one in seven and have not completed any of the other two old bird or any of the three young bird seasons ,NOT what I pay my money for and it is my right as a member to have a face to face AGM to discuss our thoughts and if all procedures are followed that will do me !!!
  21. gordon , i too have concerns but mine are mainly concerning procedure and the constitution, no way can the officials of a federation decide to pull club proposals from an agm agenda and put them into a postal vote eg the current team of officials against a supposed team John which consists of to the best of my knowledge a nomination for president , one for race controller and one for secy who have never been asked their thoughts on this, and to then claim that they have approval for this from our governing body is beyond belief !! As it is the intention of our officials to resign en masse if any of their team lose out in a head to head vote we could be left in a position that if we have a postal agm we will have no officials and surprise surprise will have to SOMEHOW find a venue capable of taking 60 double or triple jabbed oldies to sort out this shambles. Nobody has ever been elected as part of a team and every post is up for grabs every year and it is in the hands of ALL of our top table officials to either get a grip or make this years meeting your last in the post
  22. grdkeith


    Nothing official yet but accounts should be out this week I would think
  23. Well done the Thomson twins,both flown well all races
  24. gordon i can assure you that i do not under any circumstances want the job again fortunately there are others that are willing to step up to the plate and i for one would happily print out election posters for them. atb for this week and the national if you are going
  25. Looking for race avoidance birds
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