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  1. well done red cheq hen and best of luck craig
  2. lovely birds lofts big jock,, good luck
  3. really sorry to hear of this bad news,, condolences to family,,,, r,i,p, daniel
  4. look like two real characters,, lovely birds
  5. bop very prone to frounce [trichomoniasis ,,canker]
  6. very interesting post,,, just goes to show,, good post
  7. brought to the top again,,and modified good luck,,,,
  8. p,b member "glassfeather" very good on fancy pigeons,, dont know if he still comes on!!!!
  9. well done bakes,, nice to see some great work achieved
  10. in my opinion a big difference ally,, birds exercising around the loft will do it at their leisure,,in fact enjoy it,,, and take nothing out themselves, but a 30 mile toss in this weather [in scotland anyway ;D] they change gear, in flying home, it is easy to see what it takes out the birds,, then more easily noticed in results later in the season
  11. seems to me a very fair comment,, rather than a silly arguement ;D,, every one to his own, but just a few miles from me at leadburn [the lothians] theres is still large snow drifts at the side of the roads and the hills still well covered in snow , in my opinion just too bad for training,, no matter what races,, jmo but its completely up to the fancier , they are managers of their own birds :-/,,,but lets hope the weather improves ,,, for us ;D ;D ;D lol
  12. lovely yb well reared,, credit to ritchie 1
  13. dam,,,g / daughter sir colin,, l/bred
  14. your yb pic not too good,,, you made me rush ;D ;D ;D
  15. james,,, if you think i can do ten jobs at once ;D ;D,,, i cant,, please be patient ;D,, im feeding my cat ;D
  16. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D as i said silence is golden,,shhhh ;D
  17. anything but ,, think??? ;D
  18. if its meant for the cats,,,,its illegal,,,, if its for other things its i,e vermin,,rats,,,,legal,!!!!!!, ,, when posting james,, remember many members got cats,,,, some times silence is golden your pic of your bird you asked for will be up in a min ;D,,, its not the best of camera shots, taken quickly ten mins ago lol,, ;D
  19. wee vil talk about this film later ;D ;D ;D,,,,,and the other film "one flew over the cuckoos nest",,,,, we vil talk about this one two, maybe even three ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D later,, ;D ;D ;D ;D,, there comming to take me away ha ha,, we vill go together ;D ;D ;D your bang on redcheqhen,,, they do get worse lol ;D ;D
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