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  1. lovely blue skies in the lothians, slightly chilly, light west wind,
  2. good luck to all,, seems the cold weather of late, is gradually leaving us, [not b4 time lol]
  3. in my opinion a rest would do them no harm, especially with the abnormal cold weather weve been having,, the temperatures are set to rise soon, then hopefully the birds would benefit from this rest, so hopefully condition themselves better, good luck, i hope they improve for you
  4. i would agree with o,y,,, but would make use of this "in the basket", by putting a drinker on the basket,, learning it to drink in the basket,, this would come in useful when basket training the others when their older,, it often takes just one to drink in the basket, for the others to follow,,
  5. definitely a big difference flying yb,s than ob,s,, flying old birds in my opinion is a patience game, after all their old birds for a good few years, ,in fact many years if managed correctly, young birds are racing in the height of the summer, but with old birds , their racing starts early april for some, , in my experience many yearlings are trained well b4 this, often in march, at this time there many cold east winds, this can often finnish them for the season, knock the stuffing out of them, , i have noted that yearlings come into natural form in the middle of may, if not started too early,, i would rather send a yearling 100 even 150 miles with just a few short trainers, in good weather, than repeat sending them too often and too early, in cold winds and low temps to shorter distances. when they come into this natural form,they will take some beating , last longer in the season, make better two year olds and onwards,
  6. jim donaldson of frazerburgh had many winning grizzles at the extreme distance,
  7. great result davie brown,,,,not exactly an easy race either,,,, keep the lucky bonnet on ,, well done
  8. some flying steven, very well done indeed,,,, congrats
  9. well done to both,, keiran and wee gaz,, both pics in snfc year book,,, bet they will look back on that in years to come
  10. good luck to p,b member wee gaz [now 14 ,,just] in winning the snfc under 18 trophie enclose a snippet from b,h w .... [hes over the moon in appearing in the new snfc year book] [same as young keirnan also young p,b member the pigeon that won it was given free by a p b member,,,, fantastic when the likes of this happens, can only give them more encouragement
  11. quite true,,,,, remember the famous blind fancier jed jackson,, won the pau [south road] national with "genista" if i remember right genista flew thurso [north road] [i think it was] about a fortnight b4 winning the pau national charlie wooff of new ollerton notts [wooff bros] raced the north road for many many years topping the large fed many many times [won the midland championship club from thurso i think it was, with the great clive 76,,, ] now an o a p racing the south road, still topping the fed with the same family of pigeons
  12. it must be remembered that young birds are naturally inquisitive, sometimes, unfortunately they will wonder from roof to roof, , starving them in my opinion, is not a good option for the growing bird, but a happy medium in feeding can be found, sometimes very little, but often, can be effective,, but, again hungry birds wont fly,, best to get them in a routine, if let out each evening [to begin with][,in my opinion 12 noon is not the best time to let them out],,, at this evening stage after having a very light feeding the morning, they should want to fly then , and should expand their energy, then be ready to be called in when needed, for their main feed ,
  13. hi cosmic dave,, in my opinion birds are getting enough food,.... hungry birds wont fly,, but a happy medium to be able to control them can be worked out by yourself,, maybe just a handful of light feed in the morning would suffice for 6 birds, especially after being well fed the night b4 ,,good luck
  14. seems a few libs now, best of luck all
  15. weve no chance now :D ,,,woman aboard ,,great to see the ladies posting
  16. great idea sapper.. we used to have that in a club blackboard ,",approx times only",,, for those willing to fill this in , gave all a fair idea how a race was going,
  17. happy birthday bonzo,, have a great day
  18. at 6 am in the lothians blue sky,, temp 9 degrees now very cloudy n e wind , temp dropped to 7 degrees
  19. good luck with the birds roland,, seems like a nice 6 yb,s
  20. good to see you back tooshie,,, hope your on the mend now
  21. fright i got there josh,, :D mistakenly clicked on the birds , going back on the thread ,, i thought they had jumped out on me,, great way to do pics lol
  22. lovely pair of young birds, well done stuart and good luck josh
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