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2014 Yb Swap

Guest matthew123

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Guest matthew123

I'm looking to see of any one would like to swap a few ybs this year I fly Herman Beaverdams / van de rhee vier rod sparkes these pigeons have flew very well for me I'm still a young fancier at 27 so im sure any experience fancier can get the good out of these pigeons


These pigeons have won from 75 miles up to 465 miles for me.


In 2013 I entered in 3 channel races, results below:

Canapaville 308 miles 6 entered, 6th 7th 8th 10th club.


Joey le Chatel 365 miles 2 entered, 1st club 1st 2bird 4th east section 20th open fed 40th Yorkshire Combine. This pigeon was only bird on day in club,


Bourges 463 mileS entered 2, 4th club 5th club 2nd 2bird.


Here are my full results from 2007 to 2013

29 x 1st

35 x 2nd

25 x 3rd

28 x 4th

16 x 5th


2010 Runner up ob avg

2010 Runner up yb 2b avg

2011 Runner up ob avg

2011 Winner yb 2b avg

2013 Runner up yb 2b avg


Fed results


2nd east section 2671 b

3rd open fed 6571 b

14th east section 653 b water race

12th east section 2396 b

14th east section 2396 b

12th open fed 5406 b

7th east section 2186 b

4th east section 365 mile

6th east section 1384 b

7th open fed 3397 b


This year due to having to move I only had 4 yb races. After the third race I had to move out and raced from new address within 2 weeks. Results below.


2nd 7th 15th club

6th 15th 2nd 2bird club

4th 5th 12th 1st 2bird club

7th 2nd 2bird club

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