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    hello eveyone long time no hear,ive not been on pigeonbasics for some time have i missed much.do we still have a member called klaus baker im sure his name is
  2. mac1

    Su 20 S 5947

    In at county durham stamped solway fed cant make number out
  3. mac1

    Nehu 20 Ap 659

    Its one i bred it belongs to Johan hasen from dundee i will get his number if you need it
  4. In at county durham are any shu transporters down this way this is a lovely hen owner will be pleased to get it back no doubt
  5. Hi i got these handed into me lastnight..i put them on the Dundee fed wagon at towlaw today hope the owners get them back
  6. Ok mate i read it wrong haha
  7. Where about is it mate.if i can get it and maybe meet your transporter one weekend im dh9 so may not be far
  8. mac1

    Gerry Plus

    How much did the gerry plus cost back in 2011..nearly £17 a bag now
  9. Must of took a fancy to it mate
  10. mac1

    Scottish Strays

    I can get them from penshaw if its near sunderland and get them to the wda stray centre pm me if i can help
  11. mac1

    Su 14 R 500

    Just been handed in by none fancier no ets or rubber
  12. mac1

    Su 17 L 2337

    Just been handed in i have reported it to the shu
  13. No sorry I only put two on and the owners knew I was going to
  14. It's not mate it's on the fel
  15. I will get a video of the lib
  16. Did they go as normal if so what time do they expect to lib
  17. Any changes before the weekend can one of you lads inbox me cheers
  18. Or if any su fanciers have strays around county durham I could maybe help pick them up and take them to tow law...
  19. Are shu racing from tow law this weekend as it says in the bhw they are..we have shu strays here near the lib site and would be handy to put them on the transporters
  20. mac1

    Su 16 L 6919

    Thanks I've just rang him
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