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Changes 7th Jan 2008

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In response to a minority of members recent actions the following changes have been implemented.


  • The forum rules, code of conduct, and moderation documents have been rewritten or reworded. It has been done to aid clarity; and these documents have been moved and given top priority in the forum hierarchy.
    These forums are for the discussion of pigeon and pigeon related topics only.
  • Topics are required to stay on topic, and any superfluous posts will be removed with no additional warning. (If you wish to continue with 'banter' please use CHIT CHAT or download an instant messenger client such as MSN messenger and continue there).
  • The General Pigeon Board has been renamed the 'Notice Board' and as such its use will be redefined. It may be posted to with items such as events, something of importance to fanciers, and any other postings made will be moved to a board fitting their subject matter, with links being left.


More changes are in the pipeline...

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think  the changes might just have improved the site




maybe the chatroom would be good to let some chit chat happen stop it creeping back on the pigeon forum

just a thought from me


Yes i agree with that 8)

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