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  1. Hope you had a great day, Happy belated birthday. ;D ;D
  2. WOW! I like that picture very much, thank you. :K) :K) :K)
  3. He has used his correct details as usual but he cannot get on, I am not complaining as he gets more work done but I am running out of Kleenex ;D ;D ;D
  4. I spend a good couple of hours maybe longer scraping and cleaning out the two lofts on a mon, wed, and friday every week I just feed and water them every weekend so that I can go places if I want to. ;D
  5. Thats one beautifull surprise, you are lucky.
  6. we have had a few problems earlier getting on the site, but I think the problem is now rectified.
  7. It was very nice to meet you too, lol ( DOVEScot is allowed near the loft when I say so ) ... ha ha ha Shhhhhh! ;D ;D ;D
  8. chickadee


    it will be an electric chair you will be sitting on any more of yer nonsense
  9. chickadee

    Nokia N97

    I have an N95 and then I changed to the N86 couldn't get used to it but the camera is brilliant, but I went back to my N95, I love it. ;D
  10. Oops! happy belated birthday, hope it was a good one.
  11. LOl DOVEScot howls everytime the ice cream van comes round...(evil)(evil)(evil)
  12. we were having our breakfast in the hotel. ;D
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