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  1. Hello, just saw an add for you, only problem its in Northern Ireland. http://www.donedeal.co.uk/for-sale/dogs/1238710 All the best
  2. Great stuff Owen, would you just recommend bobs, ie. no sputnick or stall trap?
  3. Hello Pigeonscout, Is that cuprinal just a preserver? it mightn't be the best for waterproofing? What you reckon?
  4. Hello, Anyone using this on the outside of their lofts and if so what you reckon? Does anyone think the fumes of this (or the original full fat stuff) affects the birds as the fumes can be fairly strong on a hot day?
  5. thanks everyone for all the info. I dont think its lice or mites a I can't see anything and they've been dipped, its been flying nearly everyday since it took to the wing, even doing an hour and a half yesterday. Its had a couple of baths since and thats definetly helped the wing feathers. It always had good seed, corn + thepax so hopefully a good rest, + some vits and it will moult out. All the Best
  6. Hello, i've attached two pictures of a young roller that was bred around Oct/Nov. I just noticed that his feathers were in rag order, literally!! I dont know enough about the moult yet to know whether or not this is a problem. Have them on linseed and conditioner anyway. Can anyone set me straight?
  7. Hello, the heads on them two birds look a bit different, the head on the original picture is very similar to the Hamburg Short-Faced Tumbler, duno if it comes in them colours though.
  8. I'll take that number if you have it Mikey, I might price him. Looking at a second hand one at the moment though. Cheers.
  9. Lovely birds Red, can they be worked like the horsemen?
  10. That leaves me with a lot of options, thanks to everyone that posted. Regards Cooleflyer
  11. Hello Roland, I was looking for a record keeping document and spotted your thread, would you mind forwarding them onto me also? Regards Cooleflyer
  12. Hello, Does anybody know of anyone who would be able to bring a flat packed loft from the uk to Ireland. It would probably be on a couple of 6' pallets. Each pallet would probably be about 3' high?
  13. Thanks mate, I'll check abbeylawn out, I had a look at that 12 x 6 before and I think its overpriced for what it is. Wouldn't mind going a bit bigger anyway. Cheers
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