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  1. sunny with scattered cloud here in morecambe
  2. looks like its going to be a scorcher here in morecambe bay.
  3. over cast dull and a bit wet here in lancaster.
  4. any one know what time are we expecting to be racing at this morning.
  5. well done on your fed result top racing and obviously top pigeon men.
  6. wash out here in lancaster looks like its on for the day.
  7. scattered cloud bright and sunny plenty blue sky in lancaster.
  8. over cast here in Lancaster very bright and dry although it did rain for about 2 mins at 11.00 am
  9. might be better not on as all there going to do probably is give the sport bad press about all the losses a month ago maybe.
  10. so has it been on yet.
  11. Blue cock discovered in the loft tonight any takers
  12. full page story in the sun today about massive losses at the weekend throughout the country for any one who may be interested.
  13. raining in lancaster this morning total cloud cover.
  14. morning a miserable one it is.
  15. yes thats a hard one to beat 4 in top 10.top doo man.
  16. 11th place for us happy enough with that one guy on here done a lot better than that well done to him.
  17. Good luck to everyone who has a pigeon taking part in the one loft yearling race today.
  18. nice blue sky with thinly scattered cloud over lancaster and morecambe.
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