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  1. We have 3 in race they are racing on behalf of Invergarven School in Girvan for children with special needs,realisicaly we are looking to compete for the schools prize; although one of our birds (a Frank Bristow Ceulmans) is 15th overall Ace pigeon at the moment. Roll on Sunday.
  2. Ballochmyle doos going up at 8.30 (Carnwath)
  3. Well done Graham great performance
  4. Winning velocity in Maybole from Otterburn was 2078
  5. ballochmyle fed off at otterburn 9.15 into a l.n.e wind
  6. Just wondering, do any of the forum members train and not race their ybs and do they fly well as obs. If so how far do they train.
  7. Carrick and District Homing Society Young Bird Sale on Friday 8th April Cassilis Hotel Maybole at 7.00 36 Young Birds in the sale, donors include- Norman Orr, Gordon Orr, Andrew Lockhart, Nigel Laycock, Roy Mulligan, Brian May, Carl Gunter and prominent Ayrshire and Ballochmyle Federation members. Come along and get a bargain.
  8. Andy Gray's Resignation Letter........ I'm so sad to be leaving a company that I've served for over 20 years and a job that I've loved doing. However, as I'm sacked anyway, I might as well tell you the story about my friend that I was going to tell on air next week. You see, she got a job as a teacher of physical education to a group of teenage boys. One day she notices a boy in the field standing alone at one end of the field, while all the other kids are running around at the other end having fun. She takes pity on him and decides to speak to him. "You ok sweetheart?" she says. "Yes Miss" he replies. "'You can go and play with the other kids if you want" she says. "It's best I stay here Miss. " he says. "Why?" asks the blonde. The boy replies: "Because I'm the ..*expletive removed* goal keeper" Yours sincerely. Andy Gray
  9. lot 25 £40 please Thanks >>> IB lot 7 £30 please Thanks >>> IB
  10. Frank Bristow, George Colthorpe and Kipp from Germany
  11. Rooster, Iv'e got a copy. P.M. me your adress and you can have a read at it and post it back to me when your'e done. No rental fee, were all friends here.
  12. This has got to be the best free golf offer ever. For £30 you can subscribe to Bunkered golf magazine and you get two free tickets for the 2011 season. You get a free round on the Kintyre course at Turnberry and a free round on the Fairmont course at st.andrews and you have a whole year to use them. It would cost you well over £150 for a round at each of these courses. It's a brilliant deal and there is no catch. I have ordered my tickets and I will be doing the same for my brother's xmas present. Even if you are not into golf it's a great present for someone who is. You need to hurry because the the the offer closes on 1st December. Just goggle bunkered turnberry deal and you should find it.
  13. Champion For sale - this pigeon can fly through the night and smell his way home
  14. I was wondering where west section fanciers train their national candidates from,as there are a lot of very good fanciers on this forum from the west section. I live in Ayrshire and am trying to build a team for the national races, any advice would be very welcome. Thanks
  15. Ballochmyle fed liberated at Hawick 1.00 in a light north east wind
  16. Does anyone know how much it costs for one of the geraldy roof boxes for training the pigeons? And does Geraldy have an ageny in the U.K. thanks
  17. What a disaster,we got 10 out of 24, we won the club doing 1 hour 58 mins for 47 miles, it's a joke. Do you have any idea what happened? Our young birds have had 34 tosses this year, so I don't think that it's the birds fault.
  18. The guy is a con artist I sent for his medication system, I got a couple of sheets of paper it's just info that has been cut and pasted from the internet, I would have needed to remortgage my house to buy all of the medicines in it, no doubt this one will be the same. I complained to the pigeon weekly about the advert and asked themto stop putting it in the paper. Don't waste your money.
  19. Just read my local newspaper today(Ayrshire Post), a man was walking his jack rusell pup on the local golf course and a buzzard nabbed it and carried it off into the sunset never to be seen again. Unbelievable
  20. Hi I have attached a picture from our Civic Reception which was held last night in Maybole Town Hall to celebrate our centenary year. The club would like to thank S.H.U. president Ian Noble for being our guest of honour.
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