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  1. Average returns in CArrick and district is about half the teams home racing with AYrshire Fed from Dumfries, not good.
  2. Patrick reed and Jimmy walker for me.
  3. Cheers he looks the part hope he's as good a breeder as he was a racer.
  4. New addition to the stock loft should be arriving from Holland next week.
  5. I watched a video once about a dutch fancier who always fed his y/bs in the baskets with the front flap down. When he wanted to basket them for training or racing he sprinkled some seed in the baskets and closed the flaps. He basketed 60-70 y/bs in about a minute.
  6. Ayrshire fed 9:30 at carnwath north east wind
  7. Hi John I stay in maybole which is about 20 or so miles from mauchline. Bryan
  8. I know how you feel its gettingt harder every yeay.I lost 12 in two tosses ive started to let them go early in the morning and havent been hit by the hawks for the last 3 tosses. Training y/bs is the most stressful part of pigeon racing for me I cant wait till is over.
  9. You know what he's. like Robert, he's never mellow
  10. No I didn't take my dads but he trains from there as well.
  11. yes they probably could have been taken further as they are flying for over an hour twice a day and ranging well. Its maybe something to think about, mibee take them further next time.
  12. i liberated at Dalrymple right on top of a hill its a great lib point and weve libbed there for the last 20 years with no probs I made sure they were ready for a feed and they had flown round the loft in the morning for over an hour, weve got another 9 back this morning so fingers crossed.
  13. The hawk situation is definately getting worse, dont know what the answer is?
  14. Took y/bs to the usual spot for their first toss (3 miles) let 56 go about 6:30p.m. about 20 came together with a perigrine chasing them right to the loft expletive remove, they came in ones and twos after that, we are waiting on 22 this morning. It would make you wonder if its worth all the effort now, in this part of the country its getting almost impossible to train pigeons,it doesn't matter where or when you go you are getting hit on every toss, and I can only see it getting worse.
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