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  1. one out of one from maidstone, havent heard of any others in club. Dead chuffed. ;D
  2. Just recieved two youngsters from Megans lad when paired to Jacks girl. Very nice youngsters, would reccomend to anyone. Cheers Darran ;D
  3. If I were you I would split the y.b.s into two teams and send them on alternate weeks. I would also stop a few after 2 races: ;D in my experience y.b.s need to be raced in the year of yheir birth. Best of luck to you bren.
  4. lukewarm water with some pottasium permagnate crystals one sunday and bicarbonate of soda the next.
  5. I let my 35 darkness youngsters out at 10.30 today. I went back into the house and put the kettle on. I then went back outside, only to see my youngsters flying all over the place. Remember this was less than 2 minutes since I let them out. I picked two of my youngsters out of my hedge and put them back into the loft, I looked up and saw my youngsters flying in an obvious panic. I heard a flapping noise coming from behind my garden shed only five yards from where I was standing a hen sparrowhawk was pinning a youngster down and trying to eat it alive, the first thing that came to my hand was one of my steel toe-capped working boots, I threw the boot and hit the target; but the ******* managed to get away. Fortunataly the youngster was unharmed and I was able to pick her up and put her back in the loft. I walked to the back door and heard the kettle boiling. The point I am trying to make is that this all happened in less than 3 minutes. In my area (West Coast of Scotland) birds of prey are as common as blackbirds. An awful lot of good pigeon men in this area have gave in to the hawks and took up another hobby. If things keep going the way they are going in this area pigeon racing will be a thing of the past. I know that other parts of the U.K. are affected just as bad as us, Wales and Cornwall spring to mind. I have to leave my house at 5.30 in the morning to reduce the chance of being hit by the perigrine, and now I cant even let my birds fly around my house. Due to the bad weather I have only had 5 tosses so far, and I have lost 4 good birds. I cant imagine ever being without my pigeons; but it is getting harder every year. ??)
  6. The hen is a full brother to the red cock. And the cock is a full brother to the checker hen.
  7. I mix one bag of barley and one bag of young bird mix. I find that it makes an excellent depuritive.
  8. Good point Fifer I just thought that if they started decimating the songbird population the R.S.P.C.A. would possibly consider lifting the protection on the perigrines.
  9. Agree with Chris Little. Pigeons are only asked to race for roughly nine weeks of the year. The other 43 weeks we feed them, medicate them and generally mollycoddle them. Find them out early and you will save money in the long run.
  10. this is the first time i have tried to post a picture of my birds i hope it works. the red cock is a direct son of kardale style and regatta and the hen is a wescott from peter crawford of ipswich. cheers
  11. If our pigeons were locked up for a season . Would it affect the perigrine population in any way. Maybe some good would come of it. :
  13. Read everything you can get your hands on. Dont be dissapointed if things dont go as planned. eg; hens dont all lay in exactly ten days, birds will not excercise for one hour every time you let them out. Give yourself three years to build up a decent team and expect to win races after that. Most of all enjoy the hobby, dont take it too seriously and always be a good loser. ;D
  14. Hi There No the clock has not been sold yet mate.
  15. Benzing wind up clock and all thimbles used last year very good time keeper. For sale for sixty pounds. Would prefer local pick up. South Ayrshire area.
  16. Slatey. Yes I know there are a lot of very good pigeons with soapy beaks. Its just a personal thing. :-/
  17. Dont like soapy beaked pigeons, bent keels, bull eyed pigeonsor gay pieds, although I am sure someone will post a message telling me that they own a gay pied, soapy beaked,bent keeled, bull eyed pigeon which has won 20 firsts. ;D
  18. I soak a beer mat in creosote and put it below the nestbowl. Keeps the birds healthy and keeps beasties away. ;D
  19. I get my molasses from my local health shop for less than two pounds and it lasts me a whole season. I read years ago that a highly successful partnership used it and it was a great energy source it has certainaly done my birds no harm. ;D
  20. I put a spoonfull of black strap molasses in the water on wednesday and thursday and clear water on the Friday. ;D
  21. I think I am correct in saying Breakaway, raced by Ron Green was bred this way. ;D
  22. I can recommend S & P Kulpa I purchased a proven pair of De Klaks on this website from them and they are magnifficent specimens. You could do a lot worse.
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