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  1. I was given the number by pm, thanks very much
  2. I was wondering if anyone could give me the phone number of derek and linda hay from Kirkintilloch. Thanks.
  3. Hi Theres a pigeon quiz night organised for this Saturday night in the Cassilis hotel in Maybole, the panel is Gordon Orr, Norman Orr, Andrew Lockhart and A reid of Beith, it begins at 7.00 and its free of charge if you want any more info you can phone me on 07967162408. Cheers
  4. The filming went well today and the kids were great, the programme is scheduled to be on BBC Ssotland news around 6.30 tommorow night. >
  5. Hi BBC Scotland will be coming to Maybole to film a short piece about the Doo the Right Thing project tommorow (Thursday 28th May) itb should be on the 6.00 news on Thursday or Friday, hopefully it can show our sport in a positive light. Cheers Bryan
  6. Hi There Does anyone have a dvd of marathon in the sky they can loan me. I am currently running a project called Doo the Right Thing and I was thinking that this would be a good dvd to show the pupils. Cheers Bryan
  7. Does anyone have the contact details of A and T Deacon (southwell flyer) Thanks
  8. i have to be honest i think it was 1 or 2 minutes after ten when i placed my bid, i am sure that the webmaster will resolve this, i wouldn't want to win the bird by default
  9. BELOW IS A QUOTE FROM NIGEL LAYCOCK "But be warned, I have never known a hen that has already laid her 1st egg to allow the stud cock to tread her again, so the theory of 2nd egg fertilisation needs looking at." WHEN NIGEL LAYCOCK TRIED THIS HE RAN ONE COCK WITH 12 HENS AND ALL EGGS WERE FULL. THIS WILL BE MY FIRST YEAR TRYING THE SYSTEM.
  10. Please find below a quick summary of the bull system. THE BULL SYSTEM DAY ONE Remove cocks from racing section, introduce hens into racing section, feed and water them. Lock them in boxes, introduce cocks and they will mate up to the hens, as the cocks will probably already have claimed a box they should mate to the hen in their box. Leave the cocks overnight. Take a note of the boxes the hens are in at this point. DAY TWO Remove cocks in the morning, let hens out of boxes for an hour for food and drink, introduce cocks again and leave until morning. Take a note of the mated pairs and box numbers. DAYS 3 and 4 Exactly the same as 1 and 2. DAY 5 Remove cocks to y.b section. Let hens out for a drink and feed for an hour. Release stud cock, after 15 mins release the first hen, as soon as they have treaded, remove the cock and lock up the hen. Give the stud cock 30 mins rest and repeat with the remaining 5 hens. Rest him for two hours and then repeat the process. Remove cock, lock up hens and introduce racing cocks. DAY 6 and 7 Repeat days 5. DAY 8 There should be eggs by now, if not repeat the process until hens have laid their 2nd egg. Then remove stud cock and introduce race cocks, and they will sit and rear the youngsters.
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