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  1. Be interesting to know from people who have had YBS how they received their Vaccine and weather or not they discard the rest of the bottle after they open it.I will admit here that I do not It is kept in the fridge until I have the next batch of youngsters to vaccinate.Before anyone asks I have never had YBS.
  2. Just had maybe a crazy thought,if we are receiving Vaccine which is maybe ruined through not being sent out at the correct temperature and using it to vaccinate our young birds could this be a reason for YBS,what do others think.
  3. Been ordering Vaccine ever since we had to start using it sometimes had Colombovac others times Nobilis but never had any arrive in a cool pack in fact never knew that was the case,have Nobilis this time but doesn,t say anything on their instructions about transporting conditions.
  4. Just interested to know where it states the correct conditions for vaccine to be sent out.
  5. Only a very small sprinkling on top of the cars here in the south west Midlands,sorry dont know how to put a picture on.
  6. Not a 100 miles I know only 85 but i think it deserves a mention as this cock as been the only Fed winner I,ve had,Flying from Blandford in a very strong South West wind and being on the west side of the fed he had a Vel.of 2297 ypm,winning the Fed trophy for the highest winning Vel,which I believe he still holds.I,m sure Percy helped him home as there was no way he should have made a Vel. like that in that wind,hence his name is "PERCY,S PURSUIT".
  7. Arrived home safe and sound around 2,snow and rain all the way from Blackpool to Great Malvern.Sorry for the ones that couldn,t make it hopefully see you all next year.
  8. Think it would be the Stadons sale for me but as its on at the same time as the basic members get together I,m afraid I,ll have to give the sale a miss.


    Have also got the Show edition as well I guess thats one of the perks of having it online you get it 2or 3 days before anyone who as it delivered.


    Received this weeks copy (Jan 12th)today. Online.
  11. Might help if you put down which part of the country you are in.
  12. Had this weeks 29/12 yesterday Online.
  13. Not normally unless I can see a problem.
  14. Anyone going on the 11th Nov.
  15. Might handle them if there,s a doubt that they might not be fertile,otherwise leave well alone.
  16. Will you be using ETS as you will also need to plan where the pad will be positioned.
  17. Here,s the first one I,ve found allthough its GL16 members in clubs in that area are well spread out so could be someone close by.Paul Cooper 01594 835211.
  18. Look through the RPRA ring list,done it many times.
  19. The 697 birds in the final race are currently at Alnwick,liberation will hopefully be at 7.45 for the 235+ miles back to Birtsmorton,best of luck to any members who as birds in the race,our syndicate MALVERN MAESTROS as just the one left,but you never know.
  20. Used most of the CARRS oils for years.
  21. Just looking at Hotspot 4 results noticed that 291 birds were all arrived at the same time 6.08.17 INCREDIBLE or are these not the correct arrival times. Sorry feel such a fool obviously those figueres are the date.
  23. What sort of distances are you guys flying from this race,well done to all thats clocked.
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