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  1. folks snfc may have plans to race from france ...but dont forget ...france might have something to say about that ......race the feds and clubs to coast and wait the decisions to made within next month regards Mick
  2. well done Walter ...ye dont ask ye dont get well done Michael LPW getting back to ye ....keep that VDWegen blood going im trying to concentrate on some of that blood mesel. atb Mick
  3. MIK


    Hi Peter ..great to see this thread still going strong ...i had same problem with magpies recently ...swoop done on birds and chase them all over ...i loaned a 22 and sorted that out ...hope u sort ur problem ..regards MiK
  4. thats the trouble with the scots ...ye cany agree in the colour of s h 1 t ...lol...regards MIK
  5. MIK

    Su 18 L 10243

    in tonight Derry, Ireland no ets or rubber
  6. MIK

    Su 17 L 1182

    Thanks Jamie ...got in contact with owner .....bird will be released Glasgow area Thursday with the help of STB im a stray magnet Pat ....these YBs of mine are very charitable
  7. MIK

    Su 17 L 1182

    In Derry Ireland today
  8. pure sh1t lads ...we basketing tomorrow for Friday race here NIPA
  9. MIK


    beep beep ..here with me
  10. 1/2 sister to "comfort zone " here, 2015 Marseilles BICC winner had a son of Davids top stock hen, on loan from A. Baker ...she was dam to "80" "Tubby" "35, "48", "49" A hen bred by David ..which has 5 x barcelona pigeons in ped A son of 7th BICC Barcelona x sister to "80" and "Tubby" 2 years breeding they are starting to show they can fly the hard ones ...be nice to get them to France....have a couple ready to go this year if still here when time comes
  11. Happy new year to each and every one of ye numpties and dafties
  12. early morning first light training is a great way of training , and as Wiley said the hawks still not moved , so clean run. Can only be good right late night training is a good way of getting pigeons not to fear dusk, and maybe keep going that bit longer, so can also help clock late at night , only can be good right and when the pigeon flies till it cant see , it perches up , then at 1st light , bang on loft ...early timer think its all good...good post atb Mick
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