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  1. I can't help but think you've lost them because of sickness and bringing in late breds would just make things worse. I think your best plan is to keep your pen young bird free for six months and you'll be left with birds that have a better immunity to it.
  2. Give it some time. Why wouldn't it be any good. It clearly knows where home is and after staying out knows the best place to be. My 8th BBC Bordeaux came home in a box but repaid my confidence in him.
  3. According to a top vet if you vaccinate for PMV, birds that have YBS it will cure it. Apparently he vaccinated on a daily basis till the bird recovered. Only what I've heard.
  4. Can't help but think it is related to PMV from what the vet tells me and the best course of action I've heard is to vaccinate at 4 weeks of age and then use another vaccine a month later ie: Colombovac then Nobivac My birds had a single vaccine then came back from racing with YBS. So I went to the vet. Second vaccine due 25th of September. No good for this year but ? Other than that I'd give xerex a try if it don't work.
  5. That's what I call opal cheque I have a cock here that looks very much like the one on the right. Mine is Jan Aarden. Dunno what colour his young uns will be paired to a blue hen.
  6. It saddens me to announce the passing of my old friend, top flyer and true gentleman. Tony Billingham passed away new years eve. Will be sadly missed. Pete Mawby.
  7. Just press F4 and you'll be completely kn4ck3r3d
  8. Try Damiana worked for me
  9. Bought a hen from there recently and I was very happy with her. (Paid just a bit more than £20 though.) while I was there I had a look at the birds for £40 a pair and nearly came away with ???? But it wasn't to be. Some good!
  10. peterpau

    Xmas Race

    This winter race fascinates me. I hope you all get good returns. Good luck.
  11. I'd start em at 10 mile but I'd want the temperaure to be in the mid teens. Not overly windy and the sun in the sky.
  12. I'd be inclined to breed from 'em in March and give 'em a few short races from mid May. They'll want protein me thinks. Breeding, young bird, or moulting mix.
  13. Mid March will do me. No interest in sprints. Later bred young uns grow like mushrooms. When I breed early, I just lose my young uns anyway. Works for me, so I'll go back to what works best. (For me)
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