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  1. Hi all this is my first year breeding and one of my hens has lost her m8,will she carry on bringing up the babies on her own also would it help if I shut her in with the young. Thanx
  2. Had a phone call today about a baby pigeon that is injured and kids throwing it about. Got it back home and checked it over it looks like its leg is broken as it cannot walk and its swollen, feeding well and drinking got it in a cage on its own but what is the best thing to do for its leg. Just wish I saw the kids doin it . Atb Michael
  3. Never been boxed and comes out in the garden with me at least 3 times a week
  4. Let one of my racers out today in the garden and he can't seem to fly, normally he fly straight to the roof and follows me round the garden flying from fence to fence ( he won't leave the garden) . When thrown up into the air he seems to have no strength in his wings, yet he is chasing his mate about , also seems to be holding his wings low , eating drinking well and droppings fine gets git and minerals and there don't seem to be any other problems . Any ideas
  5. Thanx m8 but its a bit far to go .
  6. Hi I am after a pair of birmingham rollers, I have looked on the net but I can not find anyone that keeps them. Is there anyone on this site around the cotswolds area that could help. Many thanx
  7. hi all Im getting some youngsters. They have just been weaned do i need to feed them a different feed to my pigeons at the moment mine are on a winter mix from a local shop. Thanx also what age would i expect them to become mature enough to breed.
  8. Tried to register last night looked today and still not got email, checked spam and nothing
  9. i always wanted them when i was a kid, i helped a man next door who is still going even tho he is losing his sight. The misses is slowly coming round to the idea the only thing is i had to get rid of my avairy and my canarys
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