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  1. Depends on what sport Average height of a professional basketball player is 6'7" Of course there are exceptions
  2. Haha not quite, but the photobox does help spread the light nice and even!
  3. Hello, I bought one of those ebay photoboxes because I enjoy taking pictures of my birds. I 've only got a chance to use it once. I am going to buy some more lights to brighten it up, and also find another material to use as the background because the felt type material that comes with it just soaks up the droppings. Here is the best shot from the first time using the box. If I had a computer fast enough to run photoshop then I could make it more professional looking by getting rid of the stains and brightening up the background. But here is a pic pretty much unedited:
  4. Very nice birds! They'll be making you proud in no time!
  5. Just want to share some recent pics since I dont get on much because of my work schedule.
  6. Not really pigeon related, but thought you might enjoy a couple pics I took this morning of some cool ice formations in the backyard this morning. These are grape vines, which usually dont have ANY spikes on them!
  7. Didnt know you had to deal with it that low too
  8. They'll be fine, my first round of 2012 youngsters hatched when it was -18F (-27C) Just make sure they are well fed
  9. Thank you! I plan to make more videos, especially when its warmer out
  10. Hello, all, here is a picture of me (Johnny K) with a bird
  11. Thank you everyone! Rik, I do like and prefer smaller lofts for the reason your birds become tamer and are easier to catch!
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