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  1. What's the latest on Neely forgot, any statements, must be a sign. Of guilt, nae word, lest we forget eh
  2. Aa. Chimney. Sweeps. One you need
  3. Here Tommy's in the hospital with breathing problems not sure how severe it is
  4. A call you loaf heed in stead of dooheed
  5. If you would put a loaf paper on her heed, its easy to imagine your going for 55, when every one else knows its only yer first title.
  6. yep, the loaf heeds going for there first title lol
  7. Its now gone 1'o'clock and a Neely forgot and still no statements lest we forget
  8. The sad part of the Lennon scenario, was he did not know his best eleven players in all the years he was here. There some in this team, that will be lucky to get a game in the lower leagues and here is hopping the new manager sees of at least 8 of them, as the shirts dose not fit all sizes.
  9. Worse still to/come humans are getting it also, next thing we will see pigeon men standing on one leg
  10. Have any bop fallen of the road bridge as yet
  11. My opinion on the national is why throw a 100 quid at a 550 mile race when you haven't a hope in hell getting in the first 100 As there are fanciers that train further than the race its self with sprit middle distance birds, billy bilsland trains further on his bike
  12. Alf what sort of date is Vince talking about late June early july
  13. My list is McGregor Christy no good up against strong players,Taylor terrified to beat a player back passer, brown Peter pointer wants everyone to kick the ball up the park, yet when he has it its backwards or sideway only Forrest daisy days,Brakas couldn't keep wanes out a close, Johnston to small, Dembelle, Player that could fit in better if we get rid of the 8 above ,and we get replacements klimaala ajeti,jullien,elhamad,rogic,griftthis ajer ,and eddy if he stays, that is 8 that need 8. New team members the above players are only players I would use in the first round of a draw for a cup game ,but would prefer the were gone
  14. Lennon is only there till he finds his coat the biggest problem is the board are sh it scared he sells his £6 million pound shares to the Celtic trust and the get a shout, worse still the trust might not buy season books for a few years but put the season ticket money into shares and after a few years buy Desmond out no more free dinners for board directors
  15. The national should pick the first 8 race program that give each section at least 3 races at distance from north to south first. Race would be to Hastings, if your flying over 400 mile you are allowed to go your flying the next race2 would be France at 425 mile from loft, the next race 3 would be 475 mile from loft the next would be race 4 500 mile from your loft the next race 5 would be the gold ring,race 550 mile from your loft within 5 mile zone race 6 would be 575 mile from loft race 7 would be 600 mile the final race measurement would come from the shortest flyers loft that would give most lofts 3 national race and a chance to win a national you will find race distance to suit your self
  16. To have a race from 600 mile you would need a 4.30am lib again national racing is not drawn on fairness, on olden times most birds were all equal, now days the border birds need only fly about 460 mile were as a northern entry can have another 200 mile to go if you go by velocity even a shotgun has its limits before it is pissing in the wind great at short distance but crap at getting a goose at height
  17. You can buy it on line and magnify the TeXt mate
  18. Great to see the Tic go on a winning streak, was worried for a minute that we could not claw back the title, the Dandy dons, looks like they have sold the family silver, and replaced it with Pewter, with Derek McInnes at the top table,and has the board blessings, he can't buy a goal and the fans are getting edgy and they will have a vice grip on there spurns come the summer
  19. Bigda

    Bigda Here

    Thanks Guy's there will be a sermon latter tonight for the pilgrims I See the Big R never lasted long once again mod mood
  20. Good idea Vincent, there will be a few tricky things to work out licences, and a transporter that will need to comply with the new regulations that France has put into place about pollution they haven't stated what towns will have them yet there are loads of towns that have main roads that go through them, just now all them green peace mob will be all over this like flies in. Stink,
  21. some program that very good 11 young bird racing
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