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    Went to Glasgow for the day and bumped in to big RICHARD GO?FF HE WAS STANDIN NEXT TO THE TOILETS , HE ASK WERE YOU OF TO BIGDA A SAYS GOINT IN TO SPORTS DIRECT FOR A PAIR OF FOOTBALL BOOTS, HE SHOUTS OUT REMEMBER HAVE A WE LOOK IN THE SCRAP BIN, AND DO YOU WANT TO GO TO A PARTY. I SAID WE ARE NOT ALLOWED PARTYS WENT INTO THE SHOP SEEN NOTHING, LOOKED IN THE STORES SCRAP BIN THERE WAS A SIZE 9 PERFICT BOOTS ORANGE AND WHITE TOOK THEM UP TO THE COUNTER HOW MUCH girl say ill check for you, came back and says they are free, Morelos was in earlier and through them in the bin, and he says, a wont need them, FOR A WHILE A SAID , put them in a bag and away I went. WENT down the park to get a trial way the shamrock rovers waited a age to get on the park, got on for the last 15 minutes put the BOOTS ON by *expletive removed* a kicked every thing in sight the manager took me of after 8 minutes, and said he's seen enough, and then said don't phone me ill phone you looked down at my boots expletive remove not a toe left in them imgres more old boots.html
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