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  1. Bigda

    Printer For Ets

    The one you buy must have the refill and new chip fitted then they will have 2 plugs fitted on them it was you that mentioned £60 and not £12-14
  2. Bigda

    Printer For Ets

    If you look in eBay you can get ones that a refillable you just buy the black toner powder ink and a chip about £3 for the chip and about £10 for the powder ink or drill 2 holes in your tonner one to refill the other to empty the over cast then when filled put a bit of tape over the hole and put new chip on saved £60
  3. Airdrie is on a hill but you will be OK there, as no one will visit want to buy a house in Airdrie after the report it got about it been the worse town to live in these are no my words mind just a national vote remember
  4. You aren't in a danger area but lower Livingstone might be
  5. Start looking for houses in higher areas or your houses will be worth nothing, for inheritance purposes
  6. This disaster will have grave affect on raw sewerage water, and most drains will will not work and there could be a new plague start up in cholera
  7. Within 30 years the kelpies will be flooded, alloa,Dundee, helensburgh, erskin ,large,adrossan, Greenock,Dumbarton, fife leith, Glasgow airport, braehead, Perth will all loose there shore line the water levels are rising at a rate of noughts if you have houses or property or a dooket move to higher ground don't say you where not told big da here for the pilgrims
  8. Bigda

    Great News

    Latest up date from Ibrox if kamara is fined for fighting in the tunnel rangers will be expelled out of the champions league, there were a few witnesses to the fight and one was from the Euefa own man a developing story third placed team has it all to play for as a large ban or fine is heading to Ibrox one way or another tee hee least we forget
  9. What game were you watching, we were all over your team,you got lucky, I think you had 2 shots on goal the whole game and that we snail look alike ref ,was in yer favour throughout the game.
  10. Our we diddy team had your ar se nipping sooky sucky
  11. Hi just a we bit of fresh bait put on about Glen and the rangers fans do you all remember the time Ally whispered something into Neal Lennon's ear, then when he reacted ,what was the cry from the sevco inbreeds get him, what .yes you heard it get him barred get him kicked out,of the game how dare he retaliate, ban him for life, changed noise coming from Ibrox now EH when glen has retaliated lol mugs
  12. A we heads up, how long ago since greame was the manager, that's how long you tried to deny the pedos where employed at ibrox
  13. the rangers are on borrowed time the players are owed 6 months wages ,you can't afford to pay your strikers in Defoe Your club is living on loans ,use brag about hand on heart we're as its hand and mouth existence, you're club has begged money from the SFA, uses are trying to kick the sports direct can down Hellen street that will have nowhere to RUn after March your king is wanting his money. Back quick before its a sixpence in the pound all the shares are worth nothing Stuck at 15 p or less, no chance of people cashing in through embarrassment about what they have losses over the years to come from port knockie ,and be worried about the rangers ,when all that tombstoning fun you could be having instead and having a clear heed
  14. Till tomorrow, a need to go sharpen my hooks, and dig up more bait
  15. We just love beating you all, no matter yer excuses when you come to Paradise play yer best it will no matter
  16. And if we beat you tomorrow ,what clear out are you going to make lol
  17. Rangers took 4 weeks to apologise for Neely and co Walter knew and Greame knew lol think you need to hang yer head in shame
  18. Why do you think that if ranger turn up, have the now got the covid they never had a shot on target on Thursday
  19. How is the covid going in hillbilly land
  20. Looks like CELTIC will have a full team and are favs to win the game looks like there will be less police than. Normal as about 30 odd have covid they got from George Square wile on duty. I have no sympathy, as they brought it on themself and shared it between all envolved
  21. Bigda

    Great News

    Latest from Ibrox, Sparta,are wanting camera coverage, this could be from var, Bt,RTV
  22. Bigda

    Great News

    Not so good news they sparta have lodged a complaint to the police about a deliberate and dangerous tackle, that could have consequences for Roofe and he might have to pay compensation ,to the keeper should it finish him alltogether in football.
  23. I am glad the rangers are 4 square behind there black players, and all there fans can now can give Megan there 100% full support as she is from. Coloured stock, I would. Also would like to. See rangers to give the knee from every game they play as a mark of respect for black lives matter, if this was me, I would have walked of the park giving the uefa a decision to make and. Get the game cancelled.
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