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  1. I thought this would be what you meant. This bird is what genetics guys call "Ash Red Spread" - like this video: Although he looks barless, genetically he is most likely to be "red bar", modified by the "spread" gene (same gene that causes black pigeons). You wont breed true barless birds from him unfortunately.
  2. When you say "barless mealy" do you mean the red version of a genuine barless blue, or do you mean "ash red spread", which is commonly called barless mealy but does not have the barless gene?
  3. When you say "silver", are you talking about dilute blue, like my attachment here? Pigeons have three base colours - Ash Red, Blue, Brown, so it is a little confusing when you say "Ash Blue". Silver like I've posted is a blue pigeon plus the "dilute" gene, the same gene that turns red pigeons into yellows.
  4. A ferret got in and killed 25 of mine once, including champ stock birds, heartbreaking.
  5. ACV / acid is useful - heres a video I made about it:
  6. A few people have asked me to make a video about using garlic - so here it is!
  7. Video on YouTube about Cider Vinegar and citric acid in pigeon water
  8. I usually stick to about 30g per bird per day, a bit more before a long distance race.
  9. Video to help out beginners:
  10. Open loft is a terrible idea, you have no control over your birds and you're inviting worms/disease.
  11. Most clubs in Australia have a bird limit, and most also restrict to one clock pigeon - no multiple trapping. I'd personally like to see multiple trapping, but it must be a lot of work entering the results. Maybe with ETS it can become automatic...
  12. I try to breed quality racers in some of the rarer colours - here are a few of my birds:
  13. Some say that reds and grizzles are too soft in the feather to go any good in hard OLRs... but I don't know, I've definitely seen them win too. Just send the best no matter what colour.
  14. A few have asked what happened to the pigeon health videos - they were mistakenly taken down. They're back up now but the links are different. Rotavirus - PMV/Paramyxovirus - Canker - Pox - Worms - Enjoy, and sorry for the inconvenience!
  15. Need to recruit some younguns! In Australia we use online software called PigeonRace.Net to do our results, works well.
  16. On YouTube: https://youtu.be/yuSxH-tzrRs
  17. If it's one night in the basket I'll give them a half feed in the morning and nothing before basketing. More than one night, full feed. increasing fat percentage as distance increases.
  18. A lot of misinformation in this thread. First remember that "ash red" (red cheq etc) and "recessive red" (Carneaux etc) are very different. It is impossible for a pigeon to be "split for" ash red, but they can carry recessive red. If your blacks throw red, it is likely recessive red and they're both carriers of the gene. Less likely, recessive opal mimicking ash red.
  19. Animal rescue folks are often a bit funny when it comes to returning race birds - I've had a lot say "tell me what the ring says so I can return it to you". No, YOU need to tell ME the ring details so I can check the database and let the owner know!
  20. No returns is heartbreaking, especially with old birds. I'd definitely recommend seeing a pigeon vet - there must be a health problem.
  21. A video on Australian Rotavirus: https://youtu.be/YP85ZG0oxiQ
  22. Dying pigeons and flying them is common in some cultures.
  23. Hi, Adam Archer from Australia. Been keeping pigeons for over 20 years. I also have a Pigeon Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCThRAAHv7awvt5WT9OmRStg
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