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  2. Is it GOOD Morning or just "Morning" As its 09:20am still very dark & Raining & Im pi**ed off with this wet weather This Friday me with my 3 mates are driving up to Blackpool. from the South Coast.
  3. ------------------------ 2020 may be my last time visit to the Blackpool Show, after going for over 35 odd years. I go now to meet old club mates that are still about but are getting thin on the ground now from East London, at the age of 82 I have trouble keeping up with the drinks mixing with the lads from Essex But you will find us in the Galleon Bar with the Jugs of beer. But I always have a good time, We are on our way Friday till Monday am Have fun there folks, Not you Willy as you are not going.
  4. Good Morning, Its finely Stopped raining here on the Sunny South Coast. but no sun as yet.
  5. _____________ Hi coey 18, I reported a pigeon to a Alex Dickson, from Aberdeen, & sent it back to him, do he fly in your club ?. I live in Eastbourne Nr Beachy Head, lib site.
  6. fred x


    As I have been on YB Darkness for the 1st time, I was told to get them though the moult quick, feed Wheat & Barley only, Only let them out to bath.
  7. Good Morning All, Its been Raining for 5 Days Now, & I live in the Sunny South Coast,
  8. Good Morning all' Bit more colder this morning, but dry
  9. fred x


    Has anyone tried or using the Mysoft Loft Programme. If so how do they find it ?
  10. I'm on the sunny South Coast & its pi**ing down
  11. This year I put my YBs on Darkness for the 1st time, It went very well they have only just dropped they 1st Flight in the last week. How do I get then though a full Moult before the next race season ?? I was told, Keep them in, Only let them out for a Bath, Then Feed Only Wheat & Barly
  12. Since the above went out business, & Mysoft took over the running of it, As anyone tried Mysoft Loft. I found it far to busy for the like of me i'm 82 this year, I cant get my head around the thing. I wonder if any one as had a go at it. Sandy is very helpful, but i dont think he understands 80% of our members are over 65 years of age.& have a problem with computers the best of times.
  13. This Cheq W/F come in with my race birds to day at 1;15pm 22nd June 2019. DO ANYONE KNOW THE OWNER. ???? Ill give him some corn & a Drink. He was very thirsty. If the Owner can let me know what he wants me to do .
  14. Light Covering of Snow this morning, Clear Sky's, Sun out now. Back Roads a Bit Icey. Pigeon Drinkers NOT Froze.
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