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  1. cheers m8 was a fun night but by all accounts its been a good race so was worth it.
  2. Hi andy , wish more had an opinion instead of just watching ,keep hearing about "politics" but lets be honest its nae politics its personalities when for most members it was good race with good returns and folk are still having a pop . All the best for the weekend.
  3. Well you're maybe right there Davie probably nae qualified but can assure you I talk for myself . All the best for the weekend.
  4. I appreciate that davie and i honestly do try but I'm at the lib , where are you ? didnt notice your name up for any office bearers positions either so i'll have my opinion the same as anybody else thanks.
  5. seriously davie why you saying that to me, sat waiting as a favour for you remember and get this sh** fae ya , nae worries cheers for that suppose we'll see you friday.
  6. Do one so you know the transporter, any chance you got the balls to use you're own name if not well do one yourself .
  7. seriously expletive remove , how was you're race in the end eh?
  8. you wanna retract this after the result or happy to leave it up here.....lets be honest its you that looks wrong now
  9. Thats great glad to hear it Ryan, yeah still happy for you to come to a lib m8.
  10. Hi Ryan , glad it turned out a good race . I understand what you're saying and we could certainly do with less animosity /suspicion about the libs these days but on to next week we go and hope for another good ane. Speak to you Friday if I've got time m8
  11. 1700s how was returns, expletive remove at least wait till the days over before having a pop
  12. I have asked you to send the email to an account so I can check it , you want to send it or just publicise it on here to further the agenda against the officials in you're fed, thanks Ron
  13. ok well believe my presence not wanted here so could admin remove my posts and delete the account please, thanks .
  14. Seems to be a lot about rules regulations etc being broken spoken about here yet is there not rules about this kind of thread on a public forum/social media , was it 2011 it was brought in could be wrong with the year but sure somebody can correct me.
  15. I hope so Gordon, always enjoyed our jousts over that tenner
  16. Thanks Gordon i really do appreciate that, its your fed I'm just the driver and not trying to interfere but have to take umbrage at some comments here, implying faking illness? seems to be plenty greivances over actual racing matters that there was no need to reference that but it gives you an insight into the type of people instigating this. This been rumbling on since started driving its not about "pigeon politics" its about personalities. Someone said its sad yes it is that while there are enough problems in the hobby/sport these are the type of situations you all have to face .
  17. haha sure i'll be fine thanks for your concern though.
  18. surely plan A eh? bairns min aye classed myself as one of Raymonds team so guess you need a driver ana .
  19. sorry to hear Matthew, you take care m8
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