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  1. Hopefully.. we postponed our race meeting till Feb 23rd so we would know exactly race points and dates.. down to the membership now
  2. Similar incident in Glasgow Fed Titan Hotel was willing to sponsor our Yearling race to the sum of £200 if we held our presentation there. The money was to be collected and then presented on Presentation night. The race came and a MR Y won the money.. MR Y then phoned and asked the committee if he could be paid out prior to the Presentation night as he could use the money. He understood that he would then be presented and empty envelope on Presentation night. The committee agreed and MR Y collected the money. With poor support the Presentation was cancelled and therefore the sponsorship money withdrawn. MR Y was paid out early and in error. I’m sure MR Y will be happy to return the money this week after he receives a letter. Good night.
  3. Stevie G found out as we all knew he would
  4. The Rangers are going for 55 😂😂😂
  5. Lovely wee jam tart with my tea this morning
  6. We were 556 to Rennes from the Compound 555 to Liege from my house, which is roughly about a mile short of the compound So not much difference here other than you get a truer overfly the further east you go 2 excellent GCs in a row with a fair spread of prizes... madness to move it
  7. 5? No point in riddles... State the names.. yer tarring folk with the same brush
  8. There was only 4 Glasgow members in the hall... The proposer and seconder and 2 others Who in your Fed voted against you Del ? Because I was sitting next to the other guy and we both voted for you.. so I’m bamboozled
  9. Best wishes and a speedy recovery
  10. I meet big Toffee McDoughnut early Friday afternoon at the WG, get our tickets for the weekend and warm up the action 😂ðŸºðŸ¥ƒ
  11. Canny wait... really looking forward to it But defo need two weeks re-hab before then 😂 Back in the Sheraton..
  12. Most even spread of prizes over the past two seasons from the GC in years and years... So move the racepoint miles West 😂😂 aye good yin 😂😂
  13. Hope ye find them and break their fingers and hands
  14. God Bless him I’ll pray for him
  15. Well done Cammy.. great result... And well done Del all the helpers and sponsors... well organised and great fun.. Looking forward to the 2020 race ðŸ‘ðŸ»ðŸ‘ðŸ»ðŸ‘ðŸ»
  16. Timed out two entries together at 11.48
  17. Best of luck everyone ðŸ‘ðŸ»ðŸ‘ðŸ»
  18. We all set for Saturday lads ? Buzzing
  19. I’ve not got a universal cable, where do I get one ? I’ll take my T3 just incase
  20. Del I meant to ask.. is there facilities for Bricon ETS ?
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