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  1. There’s lots to say and me personally I want to do it face to face not through a delegate (that’s if the delegate gets informed of the meeting ).
  2. hotrod


    Good luck to all hope it’s a good race with good returns .
  3. Don’t always agree with u del but your bang in with this .
  4. That’s us knackered then Steven because I have absolutely no trust in the top table .
  5. Oh and that’s if your informed about said meeting .
  6. Think it’s not so easy with 50/60/70 at a zoom meeting then u get the idiots that mute you when they don’t like what your saying .
  7. That’s a different matter Walter .
  8. Well for me glasgow fed needs to have an EGM mm ever mind an AGM .
  9. Good info john . Will remember this for next year
  10. John Mr maccrindle phoned or text joe musleh every other week when I was controlling asking why birds weren’t up or the birds should be up , I told joe to tell him to text or phone me I would put him straight . So I’ll never ever pay him on the back or will I ever criticise him to anyone . I am allowed to post on here what I think with prejudice.
  11. Never mentioned Glasgow John when I posted that I replied to mike after he said never seen weather close in the way it did , I replied it was a bad call we have all done it . Ps I’m not praising or criticising anyone . Especially one that did nothing but critise me for last number of years just about every week . Ps this is fact .
  12. You must have some memory John as I’ve had to look back any post I’ve made about last weeks disaster and the only one I could actually see was an answer to Mick curry when I said to him it was a bad call we all make them ? Is this what your on about ?
  13. Your 100% correct John . Last week was human error imho the error was going on the Saturday when everyone and there dog new it wasn’t good , sunday was much better ,def last week the Glasgow birds got it the very same Percy Percy Percy . I’ve done it myself before went and no one else went and got it so I know the script . If your the only birds in sky then you get it all the way .
  14. Terrible fir u guys big man . Def sounds as if Percy has had a right go at them some came the right way and unfortunately others went another , just your luck . I’ve had it even training for with 3/4 others they are all home and I’m waiting on plenty . Or the other way round .hope more work home .
  15. Robert I’m the very same I’ve to bite my tongue many a time on this site , folk that know absolutely nothing about pigeons handing out advice to others . In fact my wee pug bonnie who is two knows more about pigeons than some , she can tell the difference from one of mine to a feral .she chases off the ferals .
  16. The two must be Arthur ankley and Tony Adamson . Who race with the federation, not with our club , me personally I had 3 races cockenzie and 2xdunbars , the three races were the best racing I’ve experienced in 30 years although I only raced 11 youngsters . First race 11/11 second race 11/11 and the third I missed my timer from week before and only sent 10 had 9/10 in 15 mins the other came about an hour later had been hit by a hawk . And just about everyone who raced with us had near 100% returns every week , as was said to me by all our members that raced it was the best racing for years and years . Ps I had about 20 tosses including 2 in transporter 3x races and had 100% returns every time . I would say I was lucky .
  17. You know that saying ( u can lead a horse to water but u can’t make it drink).
  18. South Lanark not racing till tomorrow.
  19. Of course it should . 100% , old birds and and young birds . Not just to race but even when letting them out to fly round loft .
  20. hotrod


    So who’s away tonight ?
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