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  1. The two must be Arthur ankley and Tony Adamson . Who race with the federation, not with our club , me personally I had 3 races cockenzie and 2xdunbars , the three races were the best racing I’ve experienced in 30 years although I only raced 11 youngsters . First race 11/11 second race 11/11 and the third I missed my timer from week before and only sent 10 had 9/10 in 15 mins the other came about an hour later had been hit by a hawk . And just about everyone who raced with us had near 100% returns every week , as was said to me by all our members that raced it was the best racing for years and years . Ps I had about 20 tosses including 2 in transporter 3x races and had 100% returns every time . I would say I was lucky .
  2. You know that saying ( u can lead a horse to water but u can’t make it drink).
  3. South Lanark not racing till tomorrow.
  4. Of course it should . 100% , old birds and and young birds . Not just to race but even when letting them out to fly round loft .
  5. hotrod


    So who’s away tonight ?
  6. I recon about 2300 yrds /min at least rose .
  7. Hard job to do Mick , some seem to think look out your window aye it looks good liberate . I looked at last weeks weather and thought def 100% Saturday was best day apart from some gusty winds now and then . Plus it was a south west wind , Sunday was turning to north west , now youngsters apart from darkness ones would definitely struggle to home with both the rain and wind against them . No one intentionally liberates to lose them . Just a bad call we all make them from time to time .
  8. Not having a go at central fed controller. The bit is race points should mean race points , so if it’s a car park then everyone who goes is there , some just stop and park wherever they like , hide in schools etc . And you don’t know they are there . Ps ripon to aycliffe I would say you def would need to speak to each other not many miles between them . Imho .
  9. Sorted thanks Derick hay for giving me his number
  10. Anyone got Barry’s number ?csnt find it on my phone thanks .
  11. Well said rose last number of years I always spoke to you when we were near each other (feds that is ) Stuart mullan ex Glasgow fed race controller.
  12. Thanks Archie , I met Wullie at IBM in Greenock with his bird to save him coming away up to port Glasgow . I had a job to measure in Greenock tonight anyway .
  13. hotrod


    Our voices not been heard ?? Disagree del I say they have been heard many a time but IGNORED is about right .
  14. hotrod


    Not bad secretary can reply on social media , but can’t reply to our deligate. Oh or another one also .
  15. hotrod


    í ½í¸‚í ½í¸‚í ½í¸‚í ½í¸‚í ½í¸‚ AGM decisions over ruled by delegates, my members thought they were going to Kelso. That’s if deligates get informed of meetings í ½í¸‚
  16. hotrod


    Yes I remember that . Wouldn’t have mattered anyway it would have been overruled. To go to Hexham with Lanarkshire
  17. It’s sunny here with high broken clouds has been for last few hours now , I had my youngsters out and 4 strays came down with them , 3 have bu@@ered off but one came in an Ayrshire doo SU 20 A 2635 Has an ets ring on with part of a phone number and the name William 0794716609 I think and one number not readable .
  18. There were 80 birds sent with Glasgow fed from our club , last I heard there were 2/80 home about an hour ago .
  19. As I’ve already posted I’m not bothered about competing with youngsters , the last being 1993 when I won a few races the longest being 197 miles Appleton . My mate has said to me many a time get onto darkness , I find time with my birds is limited as I run my own business I’m either working or out seeing jobs pricing jobs etc . 6/7 days a week. Good luck to anyone who does darkness roundabout widowhood whatever . Good birds can win no matter the system . I’m not moaning about the unfairness . The biggest unfairness in pigeons is location . The furthest north east you are in your club section fed the more likely you will win more than your fair share . And unless you can move then just get on with it .
  20. Just spoke to a guy in alnwick and it’s pis hing down , just off the phone 2mins ago .
  21. Not too bothered about racing youngsters to win as it’s practically impossible to beat darkness ones , I breed mines in April May and June . The thing that really gets me is why are the rings given out December of the previous year . Get back to the way it used to be , think it was 5th January .
  22. Not according to mer office pal . To be fully overcast all day . With high humidity , that’s the thing that could/would destroy the youngsters .
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