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  1. Well done again wull brilliant flying and young wylie as well .
  2. Well done wull yer doos are flying brilliantly.
  3. You don't need to be sorry mate your doing yer best.
  4. spot on ! I for one will be encouraging all pigeon men who I know to buy into this great idea. And fanciers should be thanking all of the mac's for their giving back to sport,and thank's again.
  5. Paul this is a brilliant idea,and thank's for all your work and input on doing this,as someone has already said what's not to like? It's about time the pigeon fraternity pulled together and stopped being selfish with the I'm alright attitude and watching the pigeon game dying in front of their eyes.
  6. It was Sunday he was there (mistake on my part) see yer patters not got any better.
  7. No chip here just telling the truth and if it was only one man as you say why not admit he blew it.
  8. Sat /sun still the same reason (bad weather) well you stay where you stay but I Widnae believe you . Is that yer best comeback? And if yer going to answer try and up yer vocabulary it's a bit poor. I assume I'm talking to an adult .
  9. Tut ,tut , see yer getting mad because the truth hurts, obviously you were at Moffat on Saturday when you say it wasn't raining or you just believe one of your friends because they tell you. p.s. Don't get mad because you can't speak without saying bad word's.
  10. Just like you I am entitled to my opinion ,this is an open forum for opinions and comments you have no right to tell anyone not to comment .but obviously I must have touch a raw nerve.
  11. Is this no a site for opinions? obviously your a member of the MIGHTY wae a retort like that or do you think it should only be Lanarkshire members that are entitled to an opinion?
  12. Am not a member of this fed but if I was there is no way i would have sent anyway a blind man could see it was going to be a bad weekend for racing .
  13. When's yer next gig ? Believe and say what you like it's simple the weather stopped the bird's OH! Hope ye got a good tan and dried yerself out .
  14. I al have a pop at the Lanarkshire fed if you'd all stop licking each other's backsides and be honest you all made a pigs ear of it the race should never have taken place .but this situation took place because of the arrogance of the mighty Lanarkshire fed ! Every other fed cancelled or came back home you all talk about the birds come first! What happened here ? Does Lanarkshire have Jesus Christ on their committee weather's no problem , the next thing you'll be getting MOSES take part the clyde for Yees .just admit Yees made bad call, p.s. Hope all who sent get their birds back.
  15. My son was at Moffat today from 12.30 to 1.00 he said all the hills were completly shut out he said that you could hardly see the hills for rain low cloud and mist so that's the reason so forget all your theories and blame your fed for being so arrogant ,JESUS how much proof do you need when the nor west fed is sitting alongside but decide to bring their birds back ,so get ripped into your fed for losing and killing your pigeons.
  16. Away and grow up ye pay yer money and take yer chance put yer dummy back in yer cradle wit about everybody else that never got a bird stop feeling sorry for yerself and get back on the horse .
  17. W. Semele 07963432396
  18. Brilliant! Remember it oh so well.
  19. Absolutely brilliant flying mate (could nae gie ye a red neck wae a blow torch)
  20. Well done wull (again)told ye a would make you a winner lol!
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