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  1. Lot 2 £20 lot 10 £20 lot11 £20 thanks Lot 2 £30 thanks
  2. Cracking offer del well done
  3. rigglad

    Dk Jamieson

    Well done david super consistant
  4. Well done hasty hes so dedicated he deserves everything he gets
  5. Pallets floor scraper 200mm £6.50 300mm £8.50 with poles
  6. Georgefinlayson 07546252698
  7. Is that the same day as the shu show?
  8. The presentation is this Friday 4th October 7.30 at whitburn bowling club £6 entry includes buffet guests for the evening Walter Boswell and Danny Mitchell there will be a small draft of 2020 young birds for sale
  9. Well done u done a great job over the years time to put your feet up
  10. The 68 doos have been liberated at catterick at 8am no wind good luck to all competing clock checking will be tonight between 6pm-7pm
  11. Marking Saturday night between 7pm-9pm for Sunday race
  12. The central Scotland 3bird club race this Sunday has been postponed the weather looks iffy we will hope to go next Sunday the 25th weather permitting
  13. The 85 birds have been liberated at 06.30 in a west wind good luck to all competing the clock checking will be on Monday night between 7pm-8pm at armadale club hut
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