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  1. better hope this accountant diz his job better than the one at newco :animatedpigeons:
  2. snowing here in lanarkshire :animatedpigeons:
  3. naptha is a hydrocarbon does nt say it burns skin :animatedpigeons:
  4. well mate ive used it and it works birds have never said its burns them but i tell u summit they are lightning fast after it :animatedpigeons:
  5. how do you know that mate ? :animatedpigeons:
  6. well i would try the lighter fuel on it then just soak affected area with it :animatedpigeons:
  7. hi mate i would use ivermectin it worked for me :animatedpigeons:
  8. bought two plastic feeders of ebay last week from solway feeders first class for pigeons and well packed and speedy delivery service aswell :animatedpigeons:
  9. :celtic: hi alf sorry just in transit nt gt tow bar sorry mate
  10. its a longwheel base transit alan nt a pickup dont know if it would fit in will have a look tomorra tae c if its got towbar and let u know alan :animatedpigeons:
  11. would it fit in transit van alan ?
  12. wheres the loft ur picking up alan ? :animatedpigeons:
  13. Welcome to the site tommy .mind and tell jimmy to get his hand in his pocket cheers mate jimmy is nt shy at putin his hand in his pockets nt cheap this game :animatedpigeons:
  14. got five young birds tae try some drinkers electrolytes from belgica stamox vet from gems 200 noblis vacc from vet medic 200 canker tablets 2 scrapers sum test kits for the birds clip rings and a empty bank account noo brill wkend tho
  15. whatever suits vincent . ive gt ten lofts and only one base station . my number is 07522273103 if ur interested in spare clock and base station
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