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  1. anyone help with a phone number for stewart PM sent
  2. just to let the fanciers know that loft2loft have decided to cease trading due to health issues. this will not affect saltire customers in any way whatsoever as mark anderson of a2b couriers has taken over
  3. george49


    sorry pete but thats not me i dont have any fliers etc in fact i dont even have anything to do with shu think your getting mixed up with scottish delivery solutions of wishaw
  4. big blackie at the wind up again lol
  5. anyone got a landline number for davie of kippielaw dalkeith
  6. i handled all the young birds yesterday before i delivered them all like peas in a pod great wee kit
  7. defo no rhubarb its dangerous for the birds
  8. george49


    mick if your mate is on the m8 on wed i can meet him no probs and keep the bird till thurs/fri as i am in gretna then
  9. well done robert in what turned out to be a sticky race
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