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  1. some going after 6 days ,there's 16 showing now
  2. thinking of the full family at this sad time
  3. Well done sandy and everyone else
  4. top flying well done everyone
  5. Dmurray


    top flying well done
  6. Dmurray


    Well done everyone that's timed and well done the boys from Coalburn and the gow
  7. Well done everyone that's timed , that's a cracker of a doo into ayr
  8. top class well done
  9. that's a belter in Newmains
  10. Dmurray

    Cal 50

    super flying well done mate
  11. top flying well done
  12. Dmurray


    looks like bad weather on the east coast has closed the birds out causing them to go west or out to sea to go round it
  13. Dmurray


    very well done another cracker, Robert Reid also with a belter
  14. Dmurray


    2 doos into the law for callum very well done
  15. Dmurray

    U N C

    watched the lib on Facebook, very good lib good luck
  16. fantastic well done
  17. Well done Duncan and everyone else
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