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  1. there a picture or was at Louella Pigeon World with the pigeon and all the flight crew round it and the box has vip on it lol
  2. i brought some many years ago when they first started and they was not up 2 much but the best pigeon in my town Derby come from there flown by Dave Woddington and the pigeon was called the BAT im sure it won 10 plus first prizes and topped the fed a few times cracking pigeon & a top pigeon man one of the best in Derby sure he dont have nothing to do with pigeons now
  3. WOOLLEY & ROGERS watch this space 2013
  4. i win lol i must start to keep my eye on it now think its time lol
  5. i might have a bid on that cheers
  6. i might have a bid on that cheers
  7. hi i have for sale some german boxes if intrested pm me for details cheers
  8. anybody fancy a £10 on it just to give it a bit more fun
  9. im flying under the name woolley & phillips http://www.emeraldclassic.co.uk/index1.htm Knocking on the door
  10. http://www.rpra.org/training-toss-twelve-lib1020-50-miles-light-nw/
  11. hi all im just back from spain mad time 57 of us on a stag do :emoticon-0167-beer: i see one of the y/bs that i entered in the race was 2nd not 4th as i read it wrong and on the 50mile toss it was first roll on the hotspot Race dose anybody no when it is ?? and is there a ace bird prize
  12. i was 4th in training today fingers crossed for the hotspot http://www.rpra.org/training-toss-ninelibbed-1000-30-miles-fresh-hw/
  13. http://www.rpra.org/training-toss-eight-libbed-1210-30-miles/
  14. thank you andy all the best with your racing m8
  15. no m8 next week not enough road work yet m8
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