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  1. Hi all im thinking of sending to the sun city olr for 2013 has anyboby tryed it on here
  2. oh dear m8 what you like :emoticon-0136-giggle:
  3. The Germans in the final with England England will win
  4. are we having a side bet on it lads im in for £10 if anybody dare take me on :lol: winner takes the pot
  5. that tuck some doing but im in :emoticon-0140-rofl:
  6. they dont care about the working country man shocking we will have no country sports left soon very sad
  7. Well done jam your flying a cracker
  8. I was 11th this week well done all winners
  9. The kids love this film and so do I lol
  10. And me m8 cracking goal No fluke when you shoot at goal m8 lol
  11. 50 on the darkness doing fine
  12. cracking bet that let me have a look at bet365
  13. Hi all whats your thoughts on the score for tomorrows game i say 2-1 UTD
  14. all could you keep your eyes open for this stock cock reward if found
  15. well done all winners hope your up there in the fed
  16. Sent 12 yesterday got 11 on the day still missing the last 1 :-(
  17. 1st john hicks & son 74 mile vel 1109.936 2nd mick fearn 77 mile 1104.694 3rd woolley & phillips 72 mile 1083.000 4th mick willis & fam 72 mile 1073.492 5h john hicks & son 74 mile 1065.112 6th john hicks & son 1055.386 7th stan hall 76 1038.776 8th phillips & woolley 71 1035.454 9th mick stone 72 1026.037 10th stan hall 1025.715 17 members sent 270 birds in a fresh north north east wind
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