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    New Club

    Hi all we have just opened a new club and we are looking for some club equipment to get us up and running if anybody got any spare bits Would be much appreciated please inbox me thanks for reading Richard
  2. hi all ive got a couple of club shows coming up ive not done much showing only one in fact as my son is getting involved i would love him to take a card its old cocks this sunday anytips on getting um ready show pen would be great
  3. i got a couple of spare hens breed his own young birds he will love that
  4. hi all any ideas where i can get some corn from in leicester cheers
  5. if you turn the race sheet upside down
  6. have u got grit and minerals down for them
  7. i mention Keith Lemon and he comes on with a stuffed pigeon on his chair :lol:
  8. im sending 15 cocks 133mile wincanton im in Derby wnw wind first race
  9. Due to moving house and work commitments these hens are up for grabs all bin raced as y/bs to good for dusty
  10. who watches this man comedy Genius on tonight 10pm ITV2
  11. Lot 41 £15 Woolley & Rogers no D in the Rogers Ian plz Sorted Done Thanks
  12. stay away from this race very bad
  13. Hi all ive had a sort out and have far to many hens so im giving somebody a chance to grab a bargain I would like £25 each I have 10 for sale if anybody is interested pm for details I am going Blackpool so I could meet you there cheers Richard Will post pictures in the next few days
  14. im looking for a film star that stared in over 100 films in the same coat every film??LASSIE pmsl its not a xmas 1 but herd it in the pub the other night had to share :emoticon-0140-rofl:
  15. hope he gets better very soon
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