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  1. trailer for sale or rent song by roger miller the one that got away ?????
  2. black whiteflight clear your mailbox
  3. aviary is all metal anti rust 6x6 aprox.
  4. there is free to uplift a aviary must go could be small dog run it is in the north east of Scotland Aberdeen.if interested get in touch thanks George.
  5. sad to say that abbie grant died on sunday night after a long illness.
  6. get intouch with arek on this site he is polish and should be able to help you.
  7. is there any one in the north east of Scotland who can help out as I am looking for a roller hen.
  8. mr Greenland only wish to say that what I see is most of our problems lie, is when our pigeons are in the transporter when others fanciers put their birds in the crates just after being jagged, o m p. but very good reading.
  9. who is going to the spring fair next month?
  10. happy birthday stevie have you been using your bus pass yet all the best
  11. yes willie as I posted on the 10th I had a leaflet posted to myself stating all the things that ib was saying but as usall nobody listens
  12. so has this ban been lifted,?
  13. blackswan

    Y B S

    what is young bird sickness and do you get old bird sickness
  14. after getting the apha office in to check on a suspect pmv outbreak they put me on their register so now I am flaged in their system and from time to time they will send out information of notifiable avian diseases biosecurity information for all bird keepers this means they can come to my door at any time, but their latest contact was with a leaflet on alerts stating if you believe that your flock may have any form of notifiable disease you must contact your local apha office immediately failure to do so can be deemed an offence,this goes for poultry or pigeons they! are all the same to them so to keep the pigeons in is not a big deal.
  15. get in touch with the s h u they will give you the details phone01698 768939
  16. will they put a ban on birds coming in from the continent ? are the spring fare trips still going ahead?.
  17. looks like the Christmas day race will be down the swanny?
  18. Aberdeen pigeon man dies William Livingstone billy rip
  19. is that with two or three sugars stevie ?
  20. may have put it wrong are the checking gb rings with the rpra?
  21. are feds checking rings of gb rung pigeons when they are in the results with the rpra or do you need to register with s h u before you race them?
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