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  1. pigeon su 12 ab 1111 been reported in gateshead who owns it
  2. i would try gogs wilson as he went to lier market this year he might be able to help.
  3. blackswan

    Back Again

    su ne 13 4965 phone 01463, 794933 forres pigeon.
  4. blackswan

    Back Again

    its a keith club pigeon phone 01542 870626.
  5. well johnsee, i dont think i have complained about any liberation for a while but if i had birds at the first race i might have done, well life goes on.
  6. well johnsee i think barry buddon is on the line of flight perhaps.
  7. i think the chap is only trying to see if any of his pigeons have gone in to somebodys dookit give the man a break.
  8. hi has anyone got an idea of the time the games started as the north birds must have came right over the top .
  9. this pigeon is a granite city birdphone 01224 703287.
  10. hi if you phone 01452 713529 the union will help you good luck
  11. who got the first north section ?
  12. blackswan


    i have a cat staying a few doors up from me and it has taken at least thirty or so up till now , the thing is the birds peck around in neighbours gardens where you cant see the cat hiding a lad up the street told there was a bird in the next garden yesterday right at the cats door nothing left but two wings and the rings.
  13. blackswan

    Garden Bark

    hi daisy try lidl stores but dont how much it will run out at good luck
  14. the yellow ring should read su 11 ab 2654 phone 01224 697613.
  15. hi blackswan here i got one aswell.
  16. blackswan

    Just In

    that pigeon belongs to mr a grant phone 01224 687181.you can give him a call
  17. e t s stoped by power cut were you caught out today aberdeen race.
  18. 6101 8200 peterhead and district g p taylor 01779 479167.
  19. i stay in aberdeen are you going with norman bell in spennymoor, might give him a call.
  20. anyone know if there are any buses going to the kessel show
  21. can you help pigeon with none fancier.
  22. pigeon stuck in longframlington can anybody help bird with none fancier .
  23. that pigeon belongs to davie hutcheon in the seaton plots
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