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  1. Shu 2020 3473 blue pied
  2. Blue pd shu 2020 blue pd any takers
  3. Sorry to hear that jimmy Ross of airdrie passed away today rip mate
  4. I think we should maybe breeding earlier and train with old birds and possibly race in the same transporter should settle young birds down right from world go and flying in cool wether less chance young birds getting sick and should be cheaper as transporter full it mite not be sum people cup or tea so we could set up a second race program with old and young birds later on starting maybe august
  5. Sad to hear that harry slone passed away last night my sympathy goes out to the family and friends R I P mate
  6. It is in Bathgate Main Street My friend sent me the photo said can’t get it
  7. I would keep the young cocks separate as they might get injured wIth bullying
  8. I think it is the start let the public c what happens to the birds and bring it to there attention it mite not do much but if we also let them c what we also do for all the different charity's then maybe then they will c what good pigeon racing does for all aspects
  9. If it is national racing that others are wanting for young birds then breeding early November December and race with old birds and young birds race together less stress for young birds as old bird would train young birds to settle down and it would help to fill the transporta less cost over the year for the clubs and have the young bird national race from the old bird inland national less stress on young birds all round then let them moulting take place naturally
  10. johnnybundy


    Good to c him get one and all others that has timed in.
  11. johnnybundy


    Eddie porter has one at 2055
  12. johnnybundy


    Does any one have a Ypres combine result as I can’t find it
  13. Chex pied young bird gb v 35641
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