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  1. Lippa

    Pop ups

    Some of the pop ups are actually interesting
  2. The weather is terrible over the weekend
  3. Well done fi K & N HONEYMAN & mother too
  4. Messaged Kyle this morning it's WED 19th on the one show definitely one to watch Oops sorry its Wed 14th 🤣🤣
  5. Happy 88th Birthday Fifer Have a fabby day
  6. Lippa

    Snfc Maidstone

    Well Done Gary from K & N Honeyman
  7. K & N HONEYMAN Timed in 13.19 The girls 1st National
  8. I was on SNFC website late afternoon and it was on then I noticed a comment relating Hutington this evening so I screenshot the information and asked Sapper to put it on
  9. It was posted on the SNFC website this afternoon
  10. Sounds interesting wouldn't mind a bit more informationon it
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